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  1. Bree

    What really is under the cover of my laptop?

    Pity, because for some major brands, especially Dell, going to their support site and providing the machine's service tag (serial number) will tell you exactly what it's configuration was when it was built. In general, click Start, type 'System information' and run it to see details of the...
  2. Bree

    I need to download a file but I can't download without registering and this website won't let me register.

    Welcome to Eight Forums. This site won't let you post unless you're registered either - so you are obviously registered now.. Try the download again, you should be allowed to download it now you are a member. If not, try signing out then back in again.
  3. Bree

    KB5000848 Security Monthly Quality Rollup Update for Windows 8.1 - March 9

    @Brink - New known issue: "Elements of the document might print as solid black/color boxes or might be missing, including barcodes, QR codes, and graphics elements, such as logos...."
  4. Bree

    My ASUS prints word documents ok but not scanned documents or jpeg images

    Welcome to Eight Forums @clad . This is a known issue with the March 9th Monthly Rollup. The issue is fixed in the KB5001640 update which you can download from the Update...
  5. Bree

    why does my laptop disconnect from internet when i walk into another room

    Welcome to Eight Forums. This is usually due to a poor WiFi signal from your router. Interference from your neighbours' WiFi can exacerbate this, particularly if they are using the same channel as you. Try changing your router's WiFi channel to one that is little used. This WiFi scanner can...
  6. Bree

    File Explorer DVD Movie Error

    Welcome to Eight Forums. Windows 8.1 as supplied by Microsoft does not have built in support to play DVDs. It sounds like your AutoPlay settings are set up to open DVDs with an app that's no longer installed, or is broken. If your HP Probook is running the Windows originally supplied and...
  7. Bree

    Video Editing

    I'm told by others that Shotcut is a good alternative to Movie Maker.
  8. Bree

    Video Editing

    FFmpeg can convert that for you with the command line: FFmpeg -i input.wmv output.mp4 There are also online converters available, or ones to download such as FreeMake.
  9. Bree

    Video Editing

    From the command line the free open source FFmpeg can do that. To crop from 1 minute 30 seconds in to 2 minutes in, use... FFmpeg -i Input.mp4 -ss 1:30 -to 2:00 output.mp4 Download the Windows executables here:
  10. Bree

    WIN 8.1 ISO FILE

    You can use the ISO to do an in-place repair install. You can also use it to make a bootable USB, my preferred method is the manual Option Two in this tutorial...
  11. Bree

    Restore factory W8?

    Microsoft specifically block upgrades beyond the Anniversary Update for these Clover Trail machines.... Running an unsupported OS would probably explain that. MS specifically state that Clover Trail should not use anything beyond 1607, and that they will provide 1607 updates exclusively for...
  12. Bree

    Restore factory W8?

    You probably know this already, but for others reading this thread: the Clover Trail Atoms cannot be upgraded beyond W10 version 1607. Microsoft have extended 1607 support to 2023 - but only for Clover Trail machines...
  13. Bree

    Can I recover permanently deleted files?

    Yes, when a file is deleted the data isn't wiped from the disk, just the sectors it is written to will be marked as free to be reused. Data can be recovered, but only if those sectors haven't been written to yet. The more the PC has been used after deletion, the less chance there is to recover...
  14. Bree

    Can you upgrade from Win 8 / 8.1 to Win 10 free?

    You need to be on Windows 8.1 for continuing support. Windows 8.0 support ended in January 2016. Mainstream support for 8.1 has ended, but Extended support will continue to deliver security fixes until January 2023.
  15. Bree

    windows device drivers

    Welcome to Eight Forums. Go to Lenovo Support and enter the name or serial number of your PC. That should take you to a page with the specific downloads for your machine. Home - PC Support - Lenovo Support
  16. Bree

    reset in windows 8?

    Welcome to Eight Forums. Yes, you can. See this tutorial.
  17. Bree

    prefect/superfetch performance difference ?

    Apparently.... According to this manual on Load Performance Defaults If you select this item and press Enter a dialog box will appear. If you select [OK], and then Enter, the Setup Utility loads a set of performance default values. These default settings are quite demanding...
  18. Bree

    prefect/superfetch performance difference ?

    The overheads of the operating system are going to be a factor. Windows 7 almost certainly has lower overheads than Windows 8.1. I can demonstrate that. I have a test machine with Macrium images I can restore, each with identical software installed but running under a different OS. As this is...
  19. Bree

    prefect/superfetch performance difference ?

    I use CrystalDiskInfo to read a drive's specs, including rotation speed and SMART data. For performance testing I use CrystalDiskMark. Both are available as portable apps.
  20. Bree

    prefect/superfetch performance difference ?

    According to the specs for your Dell Dimension 4600 here on Cnet it has a 7200 rpm HDD. If your other machine has a normal 5400 rpm HDD then that could explain the difference. 15 seconds / 7200 x 5400 = 11.25 seconds, near enough the same as the 10 seconds you measured.