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  1. rdwray

    USB thumb drive no security tab

    How do I get a security tab in properties for a usb drive? I check group policy and Remove Security tab is disabled.
  2. rdwray

    Install mission from right click menu

    I have 8GadgetPack installed and I have installed gadgets, but now the "Install" option is missing from the context menu when I right click on the .zip file, how to get it back? Also, the normal icon is not present, it just shows a .zip folder. Normal gadget folder image for install.
  3. rdwray

    Font now showing in Office drop down list

    I installed a third party font and it does not show in the drop down list in Office 2010, there is a blank space and it changes the text to the new font if I select the blank. After changing text to the new font, the name shows in the right click menu. I checked the registry and the font is there.
  4. rdwray

    Partitioning SD Card

    Is there any way to partition an SD card so windows will recognize it? The second partition is visible in Disk Management, but not File Explorer. I have tried setting to primary and logical; active and none; nothing works. The card is 64gb formatted to NTFS so ReadyBoost can be used, but it only...
  5. rdwray

    Paging file removed

    My hard drive has been running continuously and I removed the page file which seems to have solved the problem and allows me to use the computer again but there is the problem with the running out of memory popup. Is there any way to solve this problem besides installing another 4gb of ram?
  6. rdwray

    Focus bug

    I have a program that has popup links that will activate even if a window is in front and has the focus. When the popup is activated, the program window comes to the front and does not gain the focus, that stays with the previous window. The only way to get the previous window to come to the...
  7. rdwray

    USB Power Management changes state

    My laptop's LAN card is bad so I got a dongle, the problem is that when I plug the dongle in the USB port Power Management activates (checks) "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". This means that the dongle gets turned off causing a fault if not active for a period of time...
  8. rdwray

    How to copy and paste Windows 8 restore point?

    I think that it is well known that in a dual boot Windows 7 / Windows 8 that the Windows 8 restore point is deleted went booting into Windows 7. I took ownership of Windows 8 C:\System Volume Information and I can copy a restore point but cannot paste. It says that I need administrator rights...
  9. rdwray

    Why so many Application Data folders

    Started looking for Application Data folders and found three main folder, but under those were a pile of them - why so many and why are all of them showing a shortcut as the parent folder? Edit: The username\Application Data folder is not accessible even with security set to Everyone, why is that?
  10. rdwray

    Cannot run elevated shortcut from html

    I have a gadget that has buttons for hibernate and standby to run a shortcut. If I run the short cut directly by clicking it, it works, but if I try to run it from the html button, it will not acknowledge the run as administrator setting. I have tried it with VBScript and cannot change the...
  11. rdwray

    Power Options gone bad

    I noticed that my PC was crashing when trying to hibernate and have finally narrowed it down to the Balanced power option. I began first by creating a new profile and then using the Power saver profile which worked. I went back to the Balance profile for the new profile and set all options 1 min...
  12. rdwray

    Make splitter wider

    The Windows 8 splitter is on 2 pixels wide, is there a way to make it wider?
  13. rdwray

    Solved Cannot get Xcopy or Robocopy to copy folder

    "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\App Launcher Gadget" F:\Backup\Common\App_Launcher\AppLauncherSettings /i I want to copy "App Launcher Gadget" folder to "AppLauncherSettings" folder. I have tried several ways and only get the files copied or invalid directory.
  14. rdwray

    Computers do not stay visible

    If I reboot computers, they are visible but they disappear from network later even though RDP and share both work from any PC.
  15. rdwray

    XP will not allow Windows 8 to connect to share

    I was using Windows 8 to connect to XP and suddenly it stopped. I can connect from XP to Windows 8 and I can use remote desktop from either machine. I have reset the wireless router. I also have a tablet with Windows 8 and it connects to the PC and not the XP. The dialog for the XP pops up, but...
  16. rdwray

    Robocopy /MIR

    Does Robocopy /MIR copy all files or just the ones that are added and those that are changed? I don't want to start this if it is going to take hours and hours. thanks...
  17. rdwray

    Resource numbers

    Does anyone have "any" image resource numbers for Windows 8?
  18. rdwray

    Top Rated Photos hanging

    Personalization desktop image selection "Top Rated Photos" hangs and will not allow any selection of other folders after clicked on. Can this selection be removed?
  19. rdwray

    Can't install Windows 8.1

    What is this error for: "Irql_not_equal_or_less installing windows" ?
  20. rdwray

    Solved Can't optimize Recovery

    Defrag says Recovery is fragmented, but will not optimize????