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  1. Stephane

    Winows 8 Doesn't Shutdown Propely

    Good day Amitley, I am not a expert but I'll try give you some help. 1. Please fill your system specs in your profile so this way it will help the most advance members to help you. 2. How long did you at the most wait before to pressing shutdown? 3. Did you install any new program then will run...
  2. Stephane

    Most members online?

    Hi, personally I didn't like Win8. After couple day on it, I upgrade to Win8.1 and I like it. But if I have a non touch screen maybe I will prefer Win7. For sure it's different and you have to be open mind to change from Win7 to Win8.1. Now I have to get myself a new smartphone and I am not sure...
  3. Stephane

    Animated Christmas Tree for Windows desktop

    Thank you. I saw them a little late but I will keep my snowy mouse for a little well.
  4. Stephane

    Sleep, hibernate or shut down?

    Hi, I shut it down for transport, let it sleep after 30min running on battery when I don't use it, and on when it's plug as my update and maintenance is set in night time. And if I didn't shut it down after few days I do a restart. I don't use the hibernation.
  5. Stephane

    Welcome to Eight Forums [2]

    Hi, after looking and leaning a lot about Win8.1. I am happy to be in the family. Thank you for this site:thumbsup:
  6. Stephane

    Grr, stupid broken laptop. What should I buy instead?

    Hi I have the ASUS N550J, I watch a lot movies and play medium games and I am very satisfy. good video card, Touchscreen, All USB are3.0 Blueray/DVD, etc,... and good international warranty. From Canada I am in Europe right now and ASUS let me know where to send my laptop to be fix. (I broke the...