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  1. fafhrd

    Migrate Windows 8.1 x64 to 8.1 x86 on another machine

    I've been using Windows 8.1 x64 on this machine since it was released as an upgrade to Windows 8. It's a full retail license as far as the EULA and Software licensing is concerned. I believe that the license can be transferred to another machine, and that the license is either for 32- or 64-bit...
  2. fafhrd

    Dual boot 7 & 8 how to tell which owns text mode Boot Menu

    I've been dual booting both 7 and 8x for years, and both have been reinstalled as upgrade in-place repairs, and as far as 8 is, concerned, upgraded several times. I have always preferred the text mode, legacy boot menus, not least because they do not warm reboot when an OS which is not windows...
  3. fafhrd

    /rant/ I lose faith in Windows on occasions....

    Stuck at login screen with "Preparing Windows" Today, I probably did something a little reckless and accidentally wiped out all my partitions on my main Windows 8 /Windows 7/Linux Mint laptop. Now I've been with Windows for yonks, but this has me a little stumped. Before I realised I had no...
  4. fafhrd

    Windows update, dual booting with Windows 7 - automation?

    The most annoying feature of dual booting, or indeed, running a different Windows version in a VM, is that Windows updates have to be done for each OS, if I want to keep both OS versions current and secure. On the second OS, which may be used just occasionally, the entire cycle of download...
  5. fafhrd

    Couldn't Mount File error- but the iso file was mounted

    In Windows 8.1, when I try to use the native ISO mounting function, either from the right-click menu, or by double clicking the iso file, I am getting the error: Couldn't Mount File Sorry, there was a problem mounting the file. Yet most of the time, the virtual CD/DVD drive appears as it...
  6. fafhrd

    Android on Windows - what's the best way?

    There are several, if not manyways to run Android on Windows to take advantage of the large App base there. see Does anyone...
  7. fafhrd

    Solved How can I browse all apps on the Windows 8 store?

    I only see a small amount I guess, how can I see the lot?
  8. fafhrd

    Upload bandwidth low compared to other OS

    I've been prepared to blame my ISP for my poor upload speeds, but today I realised it is only Windows 8 Pro with Media Center (my main OS) that is having the problems. Linux Mint, and an old Windows 8 CP Windows To Go USB stick both achieve the upload and download speeds expected on the same...
  9. fafhrd

    BSODs happening more often recently since January

    BSODs mostly when browsing with Chrome, since that is what I do mostly, this time when trying to work out what touchpad gestures I could use consistently, since the touchpad seems to have a mind of its own sometimes. HP Compaq Presario CQ57 (AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 1.30 GHz)...
  10. fafhrd

    No downgrade rights in Preinstalled OEM Windows 8 (Core)?

    I was browsing the "Understanding Downgrade Rights" page at Microsoft, and there is no mention that I can see of any downgrade rights for Windows 8 - only the Windows 8 Pro edition is mentioned. Understanding downgrade rights Does this mean that Windows 8 (Core) preinstalled by an OEM has no...
  11. fafhrd

    That XP Deja Vu

    Xp was refreshingly stable, compared with earlier Windows, but in the first few months after release, systems using it, regularly went into a sort of limbo for a few minutes - it wasn't a crash, it was just nothing got in or out, and all interaction ceased, and then it recovered and things...
  12. fafhrd

    Solved WinHlp32.exe-How can I enable Legacy Windows Help system on Windows 8

    The Windows 7 download for WinHlp32.exe passes validation and downloads ok, but since it is a windows update, not an executable installation, it does not recognize Windows 8 RP as a valid OS for installation. Is there a workaround that anybody knows about?
  13. fafhrd

    If you have freezing issues, how many cores does your processor have?

    I had a thought - I have had stable and unstable Windows 8 installations CP and RP, but the freezing for me has only occurred on machines with multicore processors. What are your experiences?
  14. fafhrd

    Windows To Go (Win8 RP) Windows Update check fails with 8007005

    I has set Windows Update to Automatic, so I did not know it was not receiving updates, but when I tried to install .NET 3.5 and failed, to install my Canon Pixma ip3000 and failed, and then when I checked for Updates I got: It seems unable to receive updates. error 80070005 occurs in Windows...
  15. fafhrd

    Install MS Download Manager on Windows To Go USB drive - er, no!

    local hard drives only, it seems.
  16. fafhrd

    Time zone annoyance

    First I have not used the Windows 8 setup installer, only Imagex, to install Windows 8 - but although during the interactive part of setup it requets location data and changes location to United Kingdom, English UK and UK keyboard, it persists in keeping the time zone in Pacific time US &...
  17. fafhrd

    When will Windows grow up so it can update itself without restarts???

    I installed The Core edition of RP yesterday, and received my first 4 Windows updates today. It will apparently automatically restart itself in 2 days, which is better than ten minutes, but not really good enough. Surely its about time Windows was able to stop and restart services to update...
  18. fafhrd

    Professional and Core editions of Windows 8 both on the RP setup iso

    I just ran the imagex /info command on the install.wim image in the RP iso, and there are two images - one for the Professional edition and one for the Core edition: Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.8400](c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\windows\system32>imagex /info...
  19. fafhrd

    Solved dotnet 3.5 will not download and install

    My Packard Bell updater needs .NET framework 2.0 (included in .NET framework 3.5) - Windows Features goes to Windows Update and fails. First automatically when the program requests the missing feature. Secondly when I go to Windows Control Panel Features and try to update directly. My Windows...
  20. fafhrd

    Sounds - another casualty in windows 8?

    Not everyone likes Windows AppEvent sounds, and in the past it has been possible to toggle sounds on or off or remove a sound from any event using the sounds control panel applet. Windows 8 rp does not give much of a choice. Windows 8 continues its deconstruction of what we knew and expected of...