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  1. Neneka

    I can't install ActiveX control windows 8.1 64 bits

    As the topic said 「I can't install ActiveX control windows 8.1 64 bits」 the website is this site require Activex to play the game (this site is safe) I use to install active x without problem but this time i can't install it the popup said I can't run active x on this site :(...
  2. Neneka

    Solved I have a question about office 2016 preview

    ​My friend told me to day that Microsoft let's the people try the office 2016 preview and I am so excited to try this produce but I have a question if install this office in my computer will my office 2013 in my computer get remove ? :cry: Here is the link to the produce...
  3. Neneka

    Solved How can I remove shortcut virus

    My flash drive got infected by shortcut virus from school :sleepy: How can I remove this virus and got my files back :cry:
  4. Neneka

    I have some unknown program in my program and features.

    Like the topic said I have some strange program install in my computer I don't know should I delete it or not :( The program name is bl and ph
  5. Neneka

    How can I stop game notification ?

    Excuse me, Are there any that I can stop notification for this game ? :confused: It made me annoying a lot, but I don't want to uninstall it. because I still want to play it :(
  6. Neneka

    How can I change default icon to other ?

    How can I change default icon to other ? I mean to change all of folder icon to other in the same time :eek:
  7. Neneka

    Solved How can I add another thing to my context menu?

    I have q question :) How can I add another thing to my context menu ? Like webpage or other program. Thanks in advance :)
  8. Neneka

    Solved Unable to use right click on start screen.

    I have a problem with my windows 8.1 I usually able to use Right click and I can put my Application to my start screen but today I unable to do that and I don't know why ? I right on my app but nothing happen . only check mark appear :(
  9. Neneka

    Solved How do I change windows 8.1 folder picture ?

    I saw this picture in somewhere on the internet But I don't know how to do that And it's look really good . if anyone know how to change the picture like this tell me please Btw,Thanks in advance