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  1. Ex_Brit

    Black Tuesday Updates - Uninstall If No Issues Or What?

    A big hoo-ha going on online regarding people getting BSOD's in 7 and 8/8.1 etc and apparently MS are suggesting uninstalling certain updates that just came in. Microsoft Says to Uninstall August Patch Updates, Causing 'Blue Screen of Death' I'm not getting the BSOD but am getting a curious...
  2. Ex_Brit

    Solved It’s ‘Game Over’ for Zeus and CryptoLocker

    Under Operation Tovar, global law enforcement—in conjunction with the private sector and McAfee—has launched an action to dismantle the Gameover Zeus and CryptoLocker infrastructure. Disrupting the criminal infrastructure by taking control of the domains that form part of the communications...
  3. Ex_Brit

    Aero Glass Mod for 8/8.1 Gone Final ??

    Aero Glass Mod for 8/8.1 Gone Final Over @ MSFN Downloads.............. Aero Glass for Windows 8/8.1: Aero Glass for Windows 8 Support Forums: Aero Glass for Windows 8: Aero Glass for Win8 1.2 - Windows 8 - MSFN Forum Aero Glass for Windows 8.1: Aero Glass for Win8.1 1.0 - Windows 8 -...
  4. Ex_Brit

    Solved When Technet Subscriber Service Ends....Does My Windows 8?

    Here's a question for the experts among you. I activated Win 8 RTM using a Technet key, I then got the free Pro upgrade that was offered to the public and obtained a new key for the Media Center edition through the normal retail channels. I can't remember whether that was free or paid, but I...
  5. Ex_Brit

    Microsoft Slowly Introducing Fixit's for Windows 8

    Windows 8 is now supported in the Microsoft Fixit Center which is good news for many. Hitherto it would simply state you system isn't supported but now is slowly being added to. Here's one example: Error message:
  6. Ex_Brit

    Everything You Need To Know About Windows 8.1

    Courtesy of Beta News/Wayne Williams: Most memorable part for me at least: Everything you need to know about Windows 8.1
  7. Ex_Brit

    Solved When Restarting or Shutting Down - Immediate Black Screen

    Everything works OK but am wondering if all the various hacks I've done (Aero Glass, Start8 etc. etc.) are affecting it somehow. This normally wouldn't worry me too much but when installing Windows Updates normally one would see that shutdown message about 'installing updates xx%' and again...
  8. Ex_Brit

    Solved Using the GUI to Change the Product Key in Windows 8

    Oops aslready posted Sorry- duplicate with an existing tutorial.
  9. Ex_Brit

    Windows 8 Media Center Pack - Wasn't It Supposed To Be Free For Pro?

    Or was I seeing things wherever I read that? Maybe that was only free for those purchasing the 8 upgrade from other OS's? I got my OS from my Technet Plus account. By the way, it works just fine.
  10. Ex_Brit

    Microsoft to deliver Flash update to Windows 8 users 'shortly'

    Courtesy of ZDNet: Microsoft to deliver Flash update to Windows 8 users 'shortly' | ZDNet
  11. Ex_Brit

    Some People Seem To Think Windows 8 Is A Programme Rather Than An OS

    The more I read the various forums here and elsewhere and especially the Microsoft Windows 8 ones, I am convinced that there are a whole lot of people out there that think Windows 8 is a programme rather than an operating system. Questions like "I don't like Windows 8 how can I uninstall it?"...
  12. Ex_Brit

    Strange: IE10 x86 and x64 'About' Look Identical In Win 8 Pro x64 RTM

    Also it appears that the 64-bit one is default which I don't want. There used to be a way of selecting between the 2 versions of IE but not as far as I can find. BTW I'm talking about iexplore in the 2 Program Files folders. Not the dreaded Metro one which I'm trying to avoid. Ideas or...
  13. Ex_Brit

    Solved Windows Mail Anyone?

    Maybe the Advanced Search isn't working properly but I can't find mention of anyone actually stating that they successfully got Windows Mail up and running in Windows 8 Release Preview. It's much the same method as with Windows 7 and, as I have no wish to use the Mail app as designed in Windows...
  14. Ex_Brit

    Solved Accidentally Deleted My Desktop App...How To Get It Back?

    Release Preview - I stupidly deleted a .ini file thinking it was spurious and now my Desktop no longer is listed on the Metro Screen. Suggestions? I don't have a restore point unfortunately.
  15. Ex_Brit

    Solved Win 8 Release Preview Installation Never Completes - Black Screen

    Installing using DVD media from an iso image downloaded from Technet. Tried installing on a spare partition and it goes through OK but ends at a permanent black which I waited some 30 minutes and it never cleared. It would appear that it can't load the graphics driver...
  16. Ex_Brit

    Registry Way Of Disabling Bluetooth Keyboard Passkey Requirement?

    I have exhausted my efforts to get an answer out of Microsoft's forums regarding the problem with W8's insistence of flashing straight into the Metro Devices page when installing hardware thus precluding the ability to install a Bluetooth keyboard (or other BT device) without a passkey, an...
  17. Ex_Brit

    Desktop Toolbars: Right-Click on Taskbar > Toolbars Greyed Out

    See the pic. Tried doing sfc /scannow in elevated Cmd and nothing untoward found. Have no restore points to use either. ;-(
  18. Ex_Brit

    Anyone Know Why Bluetooth Control Panel Item Missing?

    There is a bthprops.cpl in Windows\System32, so the icon/link should show up in Control Panel. That's a minor beef about Windows 8, the major one would be that I can't control how Bluetooth Devices install as Metro UI automates it. The old wizard appears to have been discontinued. (In a...
  19. Ex_Brit

    How To Get Up The Non-Metro Bluetooth Keyboard Connection Dialogue?

    I multi-boot so in order to get the keyboard working across several OS's seamlessly, i.e. without having forever to reinstall them each time, it's vital to install the KB without a passkey, which means I need the old wizard and not this flashy yet very dumbed down Metro interface where I can't...
  20. Ex_Brit

    Solved Tried Installing On My Spare Drive - Total Disaster

    Tried Installing On My Spare Drive - Total Disaster - Black Screen I downloaded the ISO from Technet and burned it to a DVD-RW using ImgBurn, no problem there. I then booted from it hoping that the normal process would happen, it would install where I tell it to (Drive N:) and eventually I...