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    Welcome to Eight Forums [2]

    Hello everyone. I'm new here. So I see a new 10 forum. Do I need to register? or can I use the same login?
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    Not able to change language in windows 8.1

    Hello, Thanks guys. So the problem was related to Synapsis V7.5 - I have unistalled it and everything is working as normal again. Shut down my laptop and now the updates are back again lol. So I'm removing it now too! What is Synapsis anyway? never used it before. Such a weirdo software!
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    Not able to change language in windows 8.1

    Hello everyone! So yesturday, I had no idea what happened. I write in two languages and no problem so far. My PC was updated automatically after I shut it down and today I work up and each time I press (LEFT rubbish+ALT) the language doesn't change at all. I have to change it from the taskbar...