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    Task Manager crashes

    Recently Task Manager decides to crash on open. After that these 2 entries are created in the Event Viewer: Event ID: 1000, Source: Application Error Faulting application name: taskmgr.exe, version: 6.2.9200.16384, time stamp: 0x50107c26Faulting module name: taskmgr.exe, version...
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    Stop desktop IE10 auto-login to Hotmail etc?

    Is there any way to stop desktop IE10 from logging in automatically to Hotmail, Skydrive etc when Win 8 is tied to a MS account?
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    Solved Cannot boot UEFI install

    Wanted to try the UEFI so I deleted my legacy BIOS/MBR installation of Win 8. I followed the steps here:[2]=Installation%20and%20Setup Got Win 8 to install successfully in in...
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    Can't search for shortcut files (.lnk)

    The search in my copy of Win 8 can't seem to find any shortcuts except those in the Start Menu folder. Using the search in the Start screen. I did this to test: 1) Create a shortcut at an indexed location thats not the Start Menu folders 2) I waited a bit and notice the item count in the...