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    Uninstalling win8

    thanks for the quick reply, I already had a look to that tutorial but I'll double check. I've a cd we bought for the home pc for installation, and a couple of .iso files. I'll wait to have a working installed win7 to buy the second product key, I'd like to avoid to waste money if I do not...
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    Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8

    Hi, I didn't even started, it asks me for a 32 GB device... whats wrong? thanks ps I'm sorry for the italian in the screenshot but is the default setting... however is should be quite clear :(
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    Uninstalling win8

    Hi, three weeks ago my hp/win7 laptop died and I bougth a new sony/win8 one. I chose this one also to try the new OS, but I encountered several problems, such as two crash (with data loss) in three weeks and, most importantly, the impossibility to install two important apps I use for work. So...