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    Problems with DISM

    I'm having problems running DISM or Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth I get Error: 0x80240021 Here's my log. Search for error. Recent DISM Log ($2019802) · Snippets · Snippets
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    The contact us page doesn't work

    Hello The contact us page doesn't work
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    How do you identify who reports your emails as spam?

    I see that the people who run this website can identify when their users mark their emails as spam. How does this work and how is it done? I'd like to implement that feature for my own websites.
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    Downloading Windows Updates stuck at 0%

    Hello I have a working internet connection and when I try to download Windows updates the progress bar is stuck at 0% for hours. This happens even if I disable my antivirus and firewall. Please help
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    Windows 8 won't recognise my CD

    My Windows 8 laptop won't recognise my CD. When I go to Device Manager, the drive shows and the device status under properties says the device is working properly but it my CD still isn't recognised. Please help!
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    Sound fails to play on Windows 8

    Sound fails to play on my Windows 8 laptop. Here are the things I've tried. Restarting the Audio Service (it doesn't restart, it stays stuck on "stopping", and I have to restart my computer Updating my audio drivers sfc /scannow When I go to test the audio, this is what I see. What can be...
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    Solved I can connect to VPN using openvpn but I can't get internet

    I cannot ping or while connected to my VPN or access any website. I can connect to my VPN, but I do not have internet access while connected. Below is what I have tried Disabling windows firewall and comodo firewall Setup my DNS routing to Cloudflare and Google...
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    Solved Disk usage always on 100% or 99% and often the computer runs slowly

    On task manager my disk usage always is at 100% or 99% and it often runs slowly. It takes ages to finish loading when I login to windows and it takes long to search my hard drive and open programs. I have tried Wiping out my computer and reinstalling windows Replacing my hard drive Running...
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    Solved Windows search is very slow on Windows 8.1

    Searching for files is VERY slow on Windows 8.1 I have tried rebuilding my search index restarting the windows search service adding the AppData folder to my search index Running "sfc /scannow" Running "DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth" It hasn't helped. How do I speed up windows search?
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    My computer isn't recognising my microphone

    I have 2 microphones and none of them are being recognised by my laptop. I know they work as I have tested it out on other devices. Please help.
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    Computer keeps freezing and having blue screens

    It seems like HP's advice of wiping out my computer and reinstalling windows was not helpful, as now the same problem I had last year, is happening again this year. BlueScreenView says the problem is with ntoskrnl.exe Also my internet keeps on disconnecting so I have to restart, so I think the...
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    Tinny sound from headphones

    When I plug my headphones into my HP laptop, the sound is very tinny and low quality. The fault is not with the headphones as I got them new today and it works well in my phone. I tried to fix the problem by installing the latest driver but there was an error installing it and now Beats Audio is...
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    regedit won't open on my computer, how do I fix this?

    Hello forum Regedit won't open on my computer, how do I fix this? Do I have a virus?
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    change codepage utility has stopped working, what is it

    When I perform certain tasks on command prompt, this window opens up. What is Change CodePage Utility, and is it a virus?
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    Solved Windows Update stuck at "Checking for Updates"

    When I use Windows 8.1 to look for windows updates, it keeps looking for ages and nothing loads. Please help.
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    ntoskrnl.exe keeps causing BSOD

    ntoskrnl.exe keeps causing BSOD my dm log is attached
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    Solved Wireless driver keeps crashing and freezing computer

    My wireless driver keeps on crashing then the internet cuts off. When the internet cuts off, connecting to a wireless network or resetting the network adapter freezes the computer. I have the latest wireless drivers on my computer. What can be done to fix this?
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    Audacity and SoundTap won't recognise any recording device

    Audacity and SoundTap won't recognise any of my recording devices? However under Recording Devices, both my microphone drivers are recognised as making sound. Please help
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    I cannot transfer files to my pc via bluetooth

    Hello I cannot transfer files from my phone to my laptop via bluetooth. I have the latest drivers installed. How do I fix this?
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    Solved How do I interpret blank processes in gmer?

    I ran an anti-rootkit software called gmer and got this result How do I interpret blank processes? Are they viruses?