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  1. mrdreamers

    DNS server that i set keeps resetting after reboot

    I'm trying to use dns server but it keeps resetting after reboot, i even set it on my dlink router and when i check it by going to command prompt and putting in "nslookup" its back to what it was what can i do? i do use a vpn torguard but even when i don't use it it still resets :(
  2. mrdreamers

    Unclickable area bottom right corner

    I'm unable to click a very small area bottom right corner of screen either on desktop or even in any browser or windows explorer, nothing is really running in the background that i know of so i'm clueless what it is any help would be much appreciated.
  3. mrdreamers

    how to make Black Glass startup in windows 8.1?

    how do i make Black Glass Enhanced v0.5 startup in windows 8.1? i tried putting it in startup folder and it works kinda, when it starts up you have to click run every time how do i avoid that? and the software itself when i click enable to startup it don't work what can i do?:think: