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    Can anyone tell me what I need to do?

    I wish I didn't take the 8.1 update as things were just fine before! :( That being said, I've lost a lot of functions, one being the subject being discussed here. I have tried the tutorial numerous times, as Admin., and even changing my user to a Standard; in both cases, it keeps giving me an...
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    Solved What's This on my Desktop?

    Windows Pro 8 with Media Center Build 9200 That appeared in the lower right corner of my Desktop (Desktop screen, not Tiles screen). After I installed (free) Media Center and it rebooted, that popped up. Nothing like that appeared or is showing on my other laptop after the MC install. Any ideas?
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    Solved Settings & Files Blank in Charms Bar

    I've been reading and searching for a few days now, and can't seem to find an answer (or not stating my question correctly). :think: I was running Win. 7 Pro and used the online purchase to upgrade (which I think turned into a Clean Install?) via .iso file. I'm pretty sure there was content in...