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    Mobile updates.

    I am simply trying to work out which Windows 10 Mobile build I have, I realise this is a Windows 8 forum and my mobile is W10, on an MS Lumia 550, I am hoping the two will be similar enough for a 'generic' type answer. Thankyou.
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    Solved Sharing implications for single user.

    Hello, from someone who embarrassingly never used nor really understood 'Sharing folders' in any Windows edition, I would simply like to know if I being the only user of my laptop where to stop sharing via my 'Users' folder I would get any benefit or at the very least not to suffer any malign...
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    Solved HDD max's out with minimal task, constantly.

    Can somebody help me by explaining why according to Task manager when I open any program or file my hard disk usage jumps to 99% almost immediately and remains there for up to a minute, only when the level drops to around 30 to 25% does said program finally launch and I can continue working...
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    Intermittent ethernet since W10 upgrade.

    Can anyone help me discover why since upgrading to windows 10 from 8.1 my ethernet connection fails after about 40 minutes to an hour after booting. The only way to re-establish a connection is to reboot the laptop or to uninstall then re-install the (Broadcom netlink gigabit ethernet) adapter...
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    Hd max

    I have noticed lately that according to Task manager my hard drive is reaching 98% and 100% and remaining at this level until completion of most tasks, the size of the HD is 750GB with 120GB used so plenty of space, upon opening windows defender one file was quarantined on the 8/10/15...
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    Broken slider

    Can anyone help me by explaining why whether I am in battery or mains mode I cannot adjust the brightness display the three power plan presets have no effect nor does the slider in the same window, likewise the function key combo, although the FN combo graphic appears onscreen it is...
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    Solved Inspired

    My laptop is getting uncomfortably heavy to carry can anyone tell me how much lighter it would be if I where to say delete all but the operating system?
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    Solved Deleting redistributables.

    I am asking for help concerning the freeing up of HDD space without compromising the function and viability of my operating system (Windows 8.1 x64) specifically whether or not I can uninstall the following: Microsoft visual C++ 2005 redistributable Microsoft visual C++ 2008...
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    Solved Remote connection

    This is a question which may defy catergorisation, when inserting batteries into the TV remote control (a Virgin media item) which arrived yesterday I noticed a six (6) pin male connector similar to what you find on a desktop motherboard, is this for quality control at manufacture or is the...
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    Launch list!

    Is there a way to look up the launching dates / times of a particular program, inside or outside the MMC and in the case of say 'VLC player' the video /audio contents?
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    Solved Stress test.

    I currently have my laptop connected to to a 34" high definition tv set via HDMI it is controlled by a remote keyboard & mouse from a USB infra red dongle. I was wondering, since the graphics and audio are onboard and have to share just 4GB of system memory will this setup be likely to shorten...
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    Solved Bored

    I might well have to much time on my hands, together with a penchant for asking neutral if not stupid questions but has anyone an idea how I can get to see in a 'graphical context' the Turbo boost capability of my cpu apart from the Intel moniter d,load?
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    Solved No credential manager access.

    Can anyone explain why when I try to access 'credential manager' I get a dialogue telling me I dont have permission to save files to this location, accompanied by the following 'Error code: 0x80070005 Error message: Access is denied'. At around the same time this began both browsers have...
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    Solved Browser fails x2

    Lost posts. I have passwords saved on a Chrome account, and while attempting to log-in to a certain web site I was informed of a Sync data issue and would therefore have to enter my email address & password going into saved passwords via the settings menu I realised all saved passwords were...
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    Solved Dual booting

    After microsoft ended it's support for XP and not being able to afford a windows upgrade right now I decided to install a Linux OS, I did look around relevant post's and a tutorial but I keep coming across conflicting advice. So My question being if anyone could help is whether or not I can...
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    Solved Tardis effect

    Can someone explain how and why an 800MB avi file emerges from a dvd conversion process a whopping 2.5GB ? The conversion was completely without any formatting ie, titles text, and chapters etc. Trivial I realise, just very curious. Thank you.
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    Account types.

    After witnessing a friends computer become completely unusable for no apparent reason, I decided to protect myself to an extent at least by creating a 'Boot disc' starting in Metro and making my way via recovery to advanced options I found I couldn't go any further for lack of an MS 'account...
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    Solved Phantom ram slots?

    I have a laptop with 4GB of memory, would I be right to assume that The memory is likely to consist of a single module I ask after noting in task manager that I apparently use 1 of 4 slots I am quite sure there are no spare bay's available inside the computer, but Is it possible that task...
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    Solved taskbar = quicklaunch.

    This isn't a burning issue, however I would like to ask two related questions if I may. The first concerns the terms 'add (icon) to taskbar' and 'add (icon) to quick launch toolbar' do they both achieve the same result ie launch a program, and secondly if I have both 'Bars' with very many...
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    Solved Onboard or designated VGA

    I have a set-up that consists of a core i5 CPU, 4GB RAM and a 750GB HDD however the graphics are integrated 'HD4000'. My question is would it be worthwhile installing a recent & full Autocad or full 3D modelling title, my laptop runs windows 8.1. Thanks.