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  1. qwetymikey

    Fix Built in Flash Player?

    Hi, last week I noticed chrome wasnt displaying both flash files in chrome://plugins/ and because I was having problems even after reinstalling flash several times, I started deleting folders and started playing with the registry :( I finally was able to install flash and it works on chrome...
  2. qwetymikey

    Solved Youtube video quality problem. Is it just me??

    Whenever I watch this video 9MUSES( on second 30 there is an error as shown in this photo (IE/Chrome/Firefox): However this doesnt happen in my dad's laptop (Windows 7) nor on my netbook (Windows XP), is it a Windows 8 problem or just my pc? I just reformatted because of this problem and it...
  3. qwetymikey

    unclosed programs/apps

    hi, when you restart the pc or turn it off but you have left some programs opened, a screen appears mentioning these programs... is there a log of this saved somewhere? I have seen one program supposed to be called keyboard... what program is this?
  4. qwetymikey

    WindowsApps folder permissions

    Hi, I was playing with that folder in order to change the icons, so I changed the permissions so it could let me in... now I want to change it as it was before! How do I do it? I saw my name twice as users with permissions, so I deleted one of them but couldnt delete the other.... I still have...