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    Solved Photo streamed from PC is 1/4 of TV screen

    Photo streamed from PC is not full screen on TV Size of a photo streamed from pc is 1/4 of a 4K TV screen. I am using Windows Explorer and point the TV to render the photo. The TV and the PC is wire-connected to a router. There is no such problem when streaming videos. Attached as follow are...
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    Solved Favorite is not accessible

    The Favorites folder has been moved to D: drive. The error message I am getting is as follows: D:\Favorite is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. I can not delete or replace the Favorites with its backup. Is there a solution other than formating the D: drive...
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    Recommendation for a rental WiFi hotspot device

    I am looking for a rental device to provide WiFi hotspot through cell phone systems in UK or France. Recommendation is appreciated.
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    File or directory is corrupt or unreadable.

    It is an external 2.5" hard disk with USB3 interface. Is there any way to rescue it? The disc management shows RAW file system and 100% free space, which appears to mean it can be used after being reformatted. But I am not sure whether I want to use it again. Comment?
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    Solved How to resize Surface 3 Pro drive by third party utility

    I could manage to resize the system partition by using a third party utility software but think there must be more efficient way to do it. Here's how I did it: 1. I let the Surface 3 Pro boot from a USB bootable drive for the third party utility. 2. Noted that I could not resize the OS drive...
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    Solved Surface 3 Pro - How to get BitLocker key

    I encountered BitLocker recovery mode. I did not have any recovery info asked for. I went to the MS website suggested and logged in to my account but was told no recovery info is available. I have reset the machine now and it is working again. But I still need the BitLocker key in case it is...
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    Solved Converting GPT to MBR on Surface 3 Pro

    How can I convert GPT to MBR on Surface3 Pro? The machine comes with one 512GB SSD. There are three partitions or 1)"Windows RE Tools", 2) EFI system and 3)System. I am thinking of re-partitoning the drive using a third party utility to create a MBR system and restoring the backup onto the MBR...
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    What cause damage to MOV file and how to repair it

    My MOV files taken by DSLR(Nikon D810) could originally be played by Windows Mediea Player or QuickTime but now many of them can no longer. The files were copied from the SD card to a data partition on 1TB SSD(Samsung 850 Pro). They were working right after they were copied to the SSD...
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    Unable to create a restore point

    I clean installed W8.1 , StartIsBack utility and changed the settings. Then I attempted to create a restore point but failed. An error message returned is as below. I looked the event log but that could not give me any solution.
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    Solved How to change log-in ID from MS account to local account

    I updated W8 to W8.1 and in that process the ID was chnaged to that of MS account from the local account. How can I revert back to the local account ID?
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    Solved Hidden items stay hidden

    I unchecked the Hidden Items but those items did show up in the system drive. What could be wrong?
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    Explorer bar cannot be displayed

    The explorer bar disappeared and could not be restored. I did View --> Explorer bars --> Favorites. What could be wrong?
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    Solved Changing product key

    I have reviewed the tutorial how to do it. My W8 Pro installation was done by using a full version setup DVD. I am wondering if the new key can be that of an Upgrade version. Anyone attempted or have done this change?
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    Thunderbird malfunction on W8

    Thunderbird malfunctions on W8 I can open all folders on the left pane except one of them. This is one of user created folders for archiving received emails. There are several other folder for the same purpose. I wonder why this particular one can not be opened. What I have done so far includes...
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    W8 does not go to sleep

    Monitor goes to sleep automatically as set but W8 system does not. It can be let go to sleep manually. W7 installed on the same hardware system does not have this problem. What could be wrong with the W8 system?
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    W8 with Media Center fails to play VOB video

    I added Media Center feature and tried to play VOB video. I double clicked the file and the Windows Media Player said there is no video in the library. I added it to the library but still no avail. What could be wrong with this W8 or add-on WMC?
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    WMC add-on changes cd key of OS installed

    Installing WMC Add-On appears to change W8's cd key to that used to install the add-on. I had to re-activate the OS after that. The new OS's name is shown as "Windows 8 Pro with Windows Media Center". I am wondering if the CD Key for W8 Pro remains valid. What is the process of reinstalling W8...
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    No files displayed at root of W8 drive

    I have just made a clean install of W8 Pro. Then I installed a couple of apps. I noticed that at the root of W8 drive there are only folders and no files shown such as bootmgr, BOOTNXT, etc. What could be wrong?
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    Solved Click to SLEEP but comes W8 right back on

    I wonder what could be wrong.
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    Solved Changing IDE to AHCI caused no boot

    The OS is installed while the mode was set for IDE, and afterward it was changed to AHCI. Now, the system does not boot. "Attempting repair" is displayed and the process does not advance. W8 is installed on a ssd and a hdd, and both exhibit the same symptom. The system includes GA-970A-UD3...