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    Word of caution for Ubuntu Linux w/Intel Wif adapters

    There is an issue with the current Kernel that Ubuntu is using with all distro's based off of it, with the 15.04 series that is an odd release before the next LTS, which will be 16.04. The issue is with WiFi not staying connected. The suggested fix right now is to use NDiswrapper and use the...
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    I should charge AT&T and Comcast for doing their work.

    After our siding was done, the crew thought that they were doing me a favor by putting back up the NID, but instead they created a huge headach of a tangled mess of cables. The box on the right has the Coax for DirecTV & Comcast (offline). Static blocks for both lines have a Sacrificial...
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    Major security flaw found due to netusb driver.

    Critical vulnerability in NetUSB driver exposes millions of routers to hacking | PCWorld
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    USB external storage now allowed on the Amazon Fire TV box

    Who ever thought that 8 gb of storage for app's on the Fire tv, should be shot. The latest Firmware for the Amazon Fire TV box, now allows you to connect USB storage. I now have my 300 gb drive, which is in a Startech USB/eSATA enclosure up and running. That box does need external power for...
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    Steps to turn off Video auto-play in Facebook.

    A little FYI for everyone, since there are articles out today, how people were never told about the hidden little feature that turns off video auto-play for Facebook. See below for the instructions how to disable. Everyone, there are two ways to disable the Video autoplay feature for...
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    Microsoft to announce the biggest layoffs since 2009

    Read more at: Microsoft reboots itself: Firm set for biggest ever job cuts as it tries to keep up with Apple and Google | Mail Online Read more at: Microsoft to Announce Job Cuts as Soon as This Week - Bloomberg