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  1. Diewas

    Solved Windows 8.1 - Can't connect to the network.

    Hi, up until recently the network has been fine. Now whenever I try and connect to this wireless network I get "Can't connect to this network". I tried forgetting the network, and reconnecting, and now all that happens is it asks me for the WEP key before telling me the same error. Because I can...
  2. Diewas

    Incorrect DPI/scaling of desktop on ONE monitor

    Hi guys. I currently have a two monitor set up. On boot up the left monitor (desktop only, metro is fine) has incorrect DPI scalling, where some items appear large and blurry. This includes the menus (eg explorer), desktop programs and the cursor. The taskbar and metro interfaces are fine...
  3. Diewas

    Scaling (DPI) of Windows 8 Desktop changes

    Hey. My "Change the size of all items" is set to smaller. This makes everything appear fine. However whenever I restart the PC, or turn on the PC, all of the desktop programs and cursor are incorrect (ie. everything bigger than it should be) on my left hand monitor. Changing the main display...
  4. Diewas

    Messed up DPI of modern UI on one monitor

    Hi. Just installed Windows 8.1. Both my monitors have a resolution of 1920 X 1080. Both have DPI set accordingly. My right hand monitor is fine, my left is fine when running the desktop and desktop apps. However, whenever I run an app on the second screen, it seems to be larger than normal...
  5. Diewas

    Xbox 360 Gamertags

    Do you have an Xbox 360 with Xbox live? If you do post your gamertag here. Simply use the image to show us your profile ;)