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  1. Jav

    Windows 8 pre-beta (8175) hands-on video and pictures

    Microsoft is showing off Windows 8 pre-beta build 8175 in CES 2012. Also:
  2. Jav

    BlueStacks coming into Windows 8

    BlueStacks coming to Windows 8 CES 2012, BlueStacks (known for Andoid App Player) announced that they are coming into Windows 8. Which means, they are going to bring 400,000+ Andoid Apps into Windows 8.
  3. Jav

    Microsoft at CES 2012 keynote

    Microsoft CES 2012 keynote is available on-line on-demand. Video: Microsoft at 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES): Keynote (Requires Silverlight) "Windows Store will initially open late February" "Next Big Milestone will come in late February " Chief Marketing...
  4. Jav

    CES 2011 Intel press conference (some Windows 8 mentiones)

    CES 2012 Intel press conference (some Windows 8 mentiones) Intel is doing its press conference in CES 2012 right now. And there is some love for Windows 8 =) Not a lot of information, seems like Microsoft is saving everything for themselves. Live Blog: Intel's ultrabook press conference |...
  5. Jav

    Leaked Windows 8 pre-beta install screenshots demonstrate theme color

    Source: WinRumors & Win8china
  6. Jav

    "Moorea" new application in Office 15?

    Nuove immagini su Office 15, svelata la misteriosa applicazione “Moorea” | There is a "translate" button, near the top of the first picture. alternatively you can use google translate.