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    Some Win 8.1 Pro questions

    In Vista and later "Documents and settings" is just a link to the folder at c:\users. It is provided for compatibility with older programs that hard coded references to the old folder. Windows Explorer will not allow access to it.
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    WIndows 8 Excessive Modified Memory Problem

    This is not a universal solution to the high modified memory problem. There are multiple possible causes and each case must be handled individually.
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    Solved changing os from windows 10

    Installing XP on a modern computer is likely to be a serious challenge and one which may eventually prove futile. In some cases it can be difficult to install Windows 7 or even Windows 8.1 on such a computer. A big problem is availability of XP compatible drivers. The XP install media certainly...
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    Deleted the only user account but still prompt for login

    Welcome to the forum. I have no solution, only an explanation of the situation. All processes in Windows run under a user account, everything you do in Windows is done with a user account. There are no and can be no exceptions to this. This is a core concept in Windows, as in Linux and the...
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    Does anyone know of the nic onboard processor?

    The default value for that setting is zero. This can be overridden by adding the registry value and setting it to 1, primarily for troubleshooting purposes. Setting the registry value to 0 doesn't really change anything.
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    Solved Disk 0 and Disk 1 partition merging issue

    It is possible to extend the system partition but only if there is free space on that disk. In this case there is no free space on the system disk. If the system drive becomes too small the only option is make better use of the space you have or preferably install a bigger drive.
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    Solved Mirror the C drive?

    The purpose of mirroring is not to protect your data. It will only protect data in the event of a drive failure and even that cannot be relied on. To protect your data you need backups. The purpose of mirroring is to maintain access to your data in the case of a drive failure. Drive...
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    Faking Ping In Windows??

    @midou35000 Over the years I have learned that why you want to do something often has a great bearing on how it is best done. Otherwise suggestions often get nowhere without addressing the real issue. I really don't understand what you are trying to accomplish. Who are you trying to fool with this?
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    How Do I Delete the Empty Folders and Zero-Byte Files

    CCleaner is relatively safe. Manual deletion of empty folders or zero byte files is risky. If they belong to the system this is asking for trouble. Empty application created folders may appear to be unused but may later be needed and the results are unpredictable if they are not present. Zero...
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    Paging file removed

    Out of memory warnings or errors are caused by the commit charge approaching the commit limit. They have nothing to do with a shortage of available RAM. The commit limit is RAM size + pagefile size - a few MB. With no pagefile it will be close to RAM size. With 4 GB RAM that may not be enough...
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    Windows Server 2000 recovery disks

    The Windows 2000 install CD was bootable and that was the preferred method of starting the install or begin repair procedures. The problem was that there were many computers at the time that were fully Windows 2000 compatible but could not boot from a CD. The set of 3 floppy disks began the boot...
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    Otimum configuration for SSD plus hard drive

    You are making things way too complicated. Just install Windows on the SSD, no special configuration needed. Things like the hibernation file, registry, index and log files cannot be moved anyway. The pagefile can be moved but normally it should not. The only legitimate reason would be to...
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    How to install Autodesk Maya 2017 on Windows 8.1 x86 ?

    There is no way a 64 bit application will run on a 32 bit OS, even if the hardware is 64 bit capable.
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    CCleaner and SSD

    A single pass secure delete on a conventional drive is proof against any software recovery method. Maybe the FBI or CIA could do it but it has been denied and the theoretical basis is highly questionable. Multiple passes are "just in case". Recovery of a secure delete on an SSD is even less...
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    How to upgrade to 8.1 if HDD windows cannot boot

    An OS upgrade is a rather complex business and can only be done from within the original OS. Windows upgrades have always worked that way. It does not completely replace the original registry as much of that is required for installed programs. Parts of the registry are retained while others are...
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    File Access Permssions

    That is not possible. Permissions are based on the account accessing a resource, not the application. Application specific permissions have been suggested in the past but were rejected. It would be difficult to implement, create many problems, and open up new opportunities for malicious use...
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    speedtest/bandwidth related question

    In general you would want to download from a location near to your own. Distance itself does not effect download speed but the farther away you are downloading from the greater the chances that there is a slow or overloaded communications link somewhere that restricts your download speed. There...
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    i cant install windows 8.1 or 10 on my pc

    The CompareExchange128 instruction requirement was added for Windows 8.1 and latter to run a 64 bit OS. There is no possible workaround. You should be able to install a 32 bit OS but this is hard to tell for sure from your unknown system specs. Posting system specs, particularly what CPU you...
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    DirextX Runtime is not same of Hardware

    Welcome to the forum. This is not a problem. The software is designed to accommodate older version hardware.
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    Age of Empires II a Gold Edition Install. Help?

    Welcome to the forum. What is the error message? Compatibility with software that old, particularly games, is often a problem with newer operating systems. Obtaining updated versions is usually the best option.