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    Trying to fix files SFC cannot repair

    I ran SFC /scannow and got this error message: The text is truncated because the Command Window was not wide enough. I looked at the CBS log file but couldn't figure out how to find the problems. Here is a link to the CBS log it produced:
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    How do I boot from a thumb drive?

    I have an H4 series Lenovo desktop. I cannot figure out any way to get it to boot from a flashdrive. I appears to be set up to go to a CD first but I can't find a way to add USB thumb drive before the OS in the boot sequence. Anybody know how?
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    Does Win10 support the old Windows FTP?

    Since I can't get on the 10 forum I'm asking this here. I've written a couple of utilities for my wife's club (upload passwords, upload newsletter) that uses the Windows FTP facility. They quit working for the two users who have upgraded to 10. Has it changed or have they quit supporting it?
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    Solved Does it really require a different registration?

    Does it really require a new registration for the tenforums? If so, it will, will, will not accept my registration attempt saying I didn't do the captcha correctly when all you do is click a box and a big green checkmark appears ????
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    Safe Download Site?

    Since CNet stung me with tenacious Adware installed with no notice or opportunity to refuse I now fear all software collection download websites. But, some programs (e.g. Unlocker) redirect you to these. Is there a safe/adware/malwarefree download website anymore?
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    Conversion to 8.1 Blocks Access to Printer from Wife's Com

    I assume the WindowsEight forums are WindowsEightPointOne also. I was very reluctant to convert from 8 to 8.1 but a couple of friends kept needling me about pointless concern. They assured me the conversion would be smooth as silk with no problems. Well, no. Since the conversion my wife's...
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    How Do I Change the Com Port Win8 is Using for My Modem?

    How do I change the Com port for my modem in Windows 8? When I google around the instructions say to reinstall the modem, but I just installed it and it has the wrong port. It seems to default to Com 1 and my modem is on Com 4. So, how do I change the modem com port from Com 1 to Com 4? If...
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    Solved Can't Delete Files Because They're in Use -- NOT

    I have this problem all the time. I try to delete a file that is not open and get the message in this screen capture. Usually (but not always) I can reboot and delete. What causes this and how can I prevent it?
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    Solved How Can I Stop The PopUp Thumbnails From the Task Bar

    The popup thumbnails of the open applications that jump up when you accidentally touch the Taskbar drive me crazy. Is it possible to suppress them?