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    Solved Unable to See Icon in Taskbar to Reserve Windows 10

    I have two Windows 8.1 PC’s, a laptop and a desktop (both similar setups), however the icon in the taskbar that allows you to reserve Windows 10 is only visible on the laptop. The icon is not appearing on the desktop. According to the Windows 10 Q&A, it lists one possible cause as“Your device...
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    Changing 'From' Email Address in 'mailto:' Links

    I've found the Windows 8.1 Mail App uses the wrong 'From' address when clicking on 'mailto:' links. With you can set it up to send and receive email from an external mailbox account instead of from the account. Basically acts as an email client and sends...
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    Microsoft on The World's Most Ethical Companies list 5 yea

    Microsoft on The World’s Most Ethical Companies list 5 years in a row Source: Microsoft on The Worldâ Source: World’s Most Ethical Companies – Honorees | Ethisphere® Institute Sooo, basically you can't go too wrong using a Dell PC, with Hitachi Harddrives, running Windows, with MS Office...
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    Why Do Microsoft Make Installing From ISO's So Awkward?

    I don't understand why Microsoft are so awkward when it comes to allowing people to install Windows from ISO. First they don't make the ISO's available, then when they do you have to jump through hoops to get it to work (for example with Windows 8 having to make changes to the registry then run...
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    Drive From UK to Australia

    Thought I'd see whether it would be possible to drive from the UK to Australia (like you do, LOL). Turns out you nearly can. Perhaps more suprising though is that it's about 12,000 miles, or to put it another way, about the distance an average person drives every single year. No wonder we...
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    Windows 8.1 Network Behaviour Monitoring

    Has anyone come across any detailed information about what the new 'Network Behaviour Monitoring' in Windows Defender entails? I can't seem to find any decent information on it.
  7. A Now Has IMAP

    Read more at: Outlook Blog - now has IMAP
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    Fanboy Internet Explorer Tracking Protection Lists

    Just for info, I've just been looking at the Microsoft IE Gallery page HERE and it appears that the Fanboy Tracking Protection Lists (TPL) have been removed from the Microsoft website. The TPL's also appear to have stopped updating themselves, as the last time they were updated was nearly a...
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    The Escherian Stairwell

    The Escherian Stairwell based at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York is an architectural marvel that seems to violate the laws of physics and basic logic by looping back into itself, thus creating an endless staircase. illusion Stairs - YouTube...
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    Xbox's Adam Orth Doesn't Get 'always on' Concerns

    Read more at source: Xbox's Adam Orth doesn't get 'always on' concerns - Games: PC, DS, PlayStation, Xbox & Wii And #dealwithit I will, it the same way I deal with every other company who's business practises I don't like. By voting with my wallet and not buying from them. Idiot. What part of...
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    The Computer World 25 Years Ago

    Came across an old article from 25 years ago (1988) about the Commodore Amiga, so though I'd share. $995 for the Amiga A500, with 512k RAM, 4096 colour monitor and a 800k 3.5" floppy. It got me thinking though, I'm surprised we don't see lots of old Amiga/Atari/Sinclair computer games adapted...
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    Weather App Permanent Net Connection

    Looking at the list of net connections using 'Netstat –ban' from the command prompt, I noticed that explorer.exe permanently lists two connections, which are for the Weather app (the only live tiles I have on the Start Screen are weather ones). It seems as though explorer.exe establishes a...
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    Solved Why would Windows need to connect to Hotmail servers?

    Why would Windows need to connect to Hotmail servers? Sporadically I notice that svchost, rundll32 or WShost want to connect to Hotmail servers, but by the time I start capturing packets and give access to the internet to see what it’s doing, it’s stopped. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to try...
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    Google News RSS Feeds Don't Work In Internet Explorer

    Any ideas why Google News RSS feeds don't work in Internet Explorer? If you search Google News, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the orange RSS feed link, it just shows a page of code. Screenshot below:
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    Internet Explorer Sucks

    Ha ha, quite funny... Do you know this guy?
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    Optimise Drives Not Re-Trimming SSD Drive During Automatic

    I’ve noticed that ‘Optimise Drives’ isn’t re-trimming my SSD during ‘Automatic Maintenance’ whether it’s run automatically during the daily scheduled maintenance or ran manually. I have my suspicions that it could also be connected to the fact that that Windows 8 Optimise Drives decided to...