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  1. Clintlgm

    Reset Network

    How do we reset the network in windows 8.1 Having issues accessing network printers in fact any network devices at all. Have tried everything except a network reset hoping that will resolve the issue. No real idea when this started issue has arisen several times in the last few months but I was...
  2. Clintlgm

    Bad or hacked windows update?

    Don't panic: Microsoft mistakenly posted a 'test' Windows update patch | ZDNet Don't panic: Microsoft mistakenly posted a 'test' Windows update patchSome believed Windows Update has been hacked or compromised Anyone know about this,
  3. Clintlgm

    Windows update 2015-07-29

    This is just interesting I don't have an issue. I installed 1 Recommended and 5 important updates this morning. Nothing that looks like win 10 upgrade. My upgrade to windows 10 notification square has disappeared. in customize it states the notification is not active? I check and I'm still on...
  4. Clintlgm

    Solved IE11 constantly crashing

    I think I found the solution! forget about tabbed browsing. Run just one tab and IE 11 won't crash and freeze up so that you have to keep task manager open all the time shut down a frozen IE 11. That's is Folks I've been on 1 tab all afternoon and not one crash not even Facebook.
  5. Clintlgm

    How to change User Name in Registry

    OK, I just clean installed Win 8.1 on a new motherboard and CPU, I left the internet turned off so that I only have a local Admin account. The issue is I screwed up with my user name Clinton J. Wright I put an extra space between j. Wright I have change this using control panel/ user But I...
  6. Clintlgm

    Solved IE 11 total crash

    I just had IE 11 totally crash, no web page could load just kept getting notice that the web page could not load Check Internet for a solution and close page, endless loop. I've never had anything like this happen with IE ever? No Idea how to repair? I did through Program and features/turn...
  7. Clintlgm

    IE 11 Issues

    Am I the only one that has to keep Task Manager open to refresh IE 11, keeps freezing Task Manager is the only way to refresh it? I do keep 6 tabs open, mostly Forums and Facebook. Facebook seems to be the worst offender but the forums can also lockup all of IE 11. This happen one notebook with...
  8. Clintlgm

    Solved 8.1 version differnces

    Ok, I guess I missed something, but now I'm seeing 8.1 versions with letter N, KN, VL. I guess this falls into the category of there are no dumb questions.