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  1. Ztruker

    High pitched whining sound from new EVGA GeForce GTX750 1G

    I just installed my new EVGA GeForce GTX750 1G G-Sync video card and it works great, but I'm getting a really high pitched whining sound from it. I know the older versions of this card had noisy fans but this one is quiet except for this high pitched noise. I saw threads in the EVGA forum for...
  2. Ztruker

    Where can I find out what product ID equates to as far OS?

    For instance, I have Windows 8.1 Pro X64 and systeminfo shows: OS Name: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Product ID: 00178-11202-21970-AB982 System Locale: en-us;English (United States) So that means 00178-11202-21970-AB982 is Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro System Locale: en-us;English (United...
  3. Ztruker

    Diskpart list disk info messed up

    Don't know when this happened but just noticed that diskpart, list disk info is whacked. Disk 0 250GB Samsung EVO SATA-3 SSD Disk 1 2TB Seagate ST2000DM001 SATA-2 Disk 2 1.5TB Seagate ST3150041AS SATA C:\WINDOWS\system32>diskpart Microsoft DiskPart version 6.3.9600 Copyright (C)...
  4. Ztruker

    How do you delete files you've uploaded

    I uploaded two examples of Windows 10 Start menu. I want to delete one but I don't see anywhere on the Manage Attachmenys window to delete it.
  5. Ztruker

    Can't get Remote Desktop to work to Win 8.1 Pro X64 system

    I have a Win 8.1 Pro X64 system that I'm trying to RDT (remote Desktop) to but can't seem to make it work. I have it working fine to my Win 7 Pro X64 system sitting right next to it. I've setup Port Forwarding in the Router the same as it's set for the Win 7 system, just using a different...
  6. Ztruker

    Samsung delivers fix for SSD slowdowns

    Seems Samsung EVO SSds experience a slowdown when working with old data and have released a fix for the problem. I ran it and it took about 40 minutes on my 250 GB Samsung EVO SSD. See here: Samsung delivers fix for SSD slowdowns
  7. Ztruker

    24 updates applied today!!!

    Just noticed 24 updates were installed today. I had updates set to automatically install. Just changed it to Notify but do nothing. Need to check Windows 7 and 10 next, see what they have to offer. Edit: 13 for Widows 7
  8. Ztruker

    Hyper-V and Oracle VitrualBox on same computer

    This doesn't work for me. I had OracleVB installed with 6 clients setup and working. I then added Hyper-V via Control Panel, Programs and Features, Add features. Setup Windows 10 Tech Preview as a VM and it works fine, but now none of the OracleVB clients (VMs) will work. I get this error...
  9. Ztruker

    Task Manager Performance not showing both CPUs

    I have a Dell Precision 690 with Dual Zenon 3.0 processors running Windows 8.1 Pro X86. CPU on the Performance tab only shows a single processor. I have the identical computer running Windows 7 Pro X64 and it Task Manager/Performance tab show2s two processors. I've read of other people having...
  10. Ztruker

    Where did the Active flag go in Disk Management?

    I was trying to help someone here and asked them to post a screen capture of a full screen Disk Management window as I've done many times before. He said none were marked as Active. I opened Disk Management (full screen) on my Windows 8.1.1 Pro X64 EFI/GPT system so I could post a screen...
  11. Ztruker

    Solved Accidentally deleted partition on external drive

    Misread the drive label and deleted the partition on an USB external 80GB SATA drive. Nothing else has been done to the drive. I did this when using Macrium Reflect Rescue disc. I know I've seen mention of a program that can recover the partition table but I've not found it yet. I tried...
  12. Ztruker

    Fix "Could not reconnect all network drives" error at boot

    Anyone successfully fixed the Could not reconnect all network drives error at boot? I get it most of the time with a wired Ethernet connection. I've done a lot of searching and tried different things but nothing seems to work. This started a few months ago, was not there initially with Windows...
  13. Ztruker

    How to Disable a gpedit policy

    I was playing around trying to get rid of a "Could not reconnect all network drives" error at boot. One I found said to do the following: Type gpedit.msc on the search box in the menu bar, 1. Select “Windows Settings”, then 2. Select “Security Settings”, then 3. Select “Local Policies”...
  14. Ztruker

    How do I tell which are active accounts

    I see these under C:\Users The last 4 I recognize. Which if the first 3 is an active, valid account? Looking at the dates it appears Administrator.DESKTOP is the current, real Administrator account.
  15. Ztruker

    What are the valid values for Safely Remove reg entry

    I've seen in a few forum posts that you can change the value of this registry entry: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\SysTray\Services to various values to add or remove items that will trigger the Safely Remove Hardware icon from the Systray of the Taskbar. The...
  16. Ztruker

    Solved No thumbnails for pictures

    I'm not getting any thumbnails showing for any of my pictures, .jpg, .bmp, .png, etc. I tried deleting C:\Users\xxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\IconCache.db then rebooting, no change. I suspect I turned something off to see how but forgot to turn it back on. How do I get thumbnails to show for my...
  17. Ztruker

    Solved Microsoft account security code

    I just setup a Microsoft account on my Win 8 Pro X64 system to play with. As part of the process it asked me to enter a Security Code that they would send me. This is pretty dumb as at that point there was no way for me to receive the security code so I clicked the Can't do this now button...
  18. Ztruker

    Why does UAC have to be enabled to use any Modern Apps

    I don't understand why Microsoft requires UAC to be enabled for me to use any Modern Apps or the App Store. I always turn off UAC and one of the programs I use, Object Rexx from IBM does not run correctly with UAC enabled. I find the UAC prompts intrusive and extremely annoying and as far as I'm...
  19. Ztruker

    Outlook express from XP to Windows Live Mail in Windows 8.

    Does anyone have a good writeup on moving Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail under Windows 8.1? I've tried to follow half a dozen different writeups I found for this but none of them work right. WLM is a PITA. Once installed I can't get it to have only the account I want. It always has...
  20. Ztruker

    Windows 8 To Go

    Has anyone gotten this to work: [Tutorial]Windows 8 to Go without Enterprise Edition - Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support - Neowin Forums I've tried it twice now and both times, after completing the bcdboot.exe J:\Windows /s J: /f ALL where "J" is my Windows To Go flash drive letter...