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  1. fireberd

    Apple Software Updater will not install new updates

    I've had this problem for a while and haven't been able to come up with a fix. It worked OK at one time and I'm not sure when or what caused the problem. I uninstalled the Updater program with Revo Uninstaller Pro, restarted and then did a new install, but the same problem. If I select...
  2. fireberd

    MS Travel update broke the app

    I recently got an update to MS Travel. Bad news, it no longer has links to cities around the world with the neat panoramas.
  3. fireberd

    Solved Darn Win 8

    "Darn" Win 8 I had to replace the motherboard in my backup desktop. I couldn't get the same Z77 motherboard (it was discontinued) but I did get a Z77 from another motherboard vendor. I have a triple boot, Win 7/Win 8.1/Win 10 (all on separate drives) on that machine. I thought Win 7 would...
  4. fireberd

    Solved New 8.1 PC's boot to desktop

    I installed a new HP all in one for a client about a month ago and when it boots up it goes to the desktop. A friend just installed a new Dell Inspiron 3000 and it too boots up to the desktop. Must be something the PC vendors are doing??
  5. fireberd

    Solved Fast Startup causing PC not to auto power on via BIOS

    I have dual boot system, Win 7/8.1. I have auto power on at a designated time every morning. It worked properly if I powered off the PC from Windows 7. But, if I powered off the PC from Win 8 it would not auto power on. The problem turned to be the Windows fast startup option. After...
  6. fireberd

    Outlook 2003 will not put addresses in automatically

    I'm setting up my backup system as my main system is down for warranty repair on the motherboard. I had Outlook 2003 setup on the main system in both Win 7 64 bit and Win 8.1 64 bit. I know Office 2003 is not supposed to be compatible with Win 8, but it works OK. On the main system in...
  7. fireberd

    Solved Repair Dual Boot Win 8.1/Win 7

    I had my system set up for Dual boot (on separate hard drives) for both Win 8.1 and Win 7. Win 8.1 developed a problem and unfortunately the only back up I had (my fault) was for Win 8 before I installed Win 7 and the dual boot. I reinstalled from the backup and then updated Win 8 to 8.1...
  8. fireberd

    Solved 8.1 Install problem with Sonar X3a - OCX Regsvr32.exe prob

    I had Sonar X3b 64bit version (a recording studio program) installed in Windows 8 and thought it was working OK. Windows 7 is my "production" system for recording but I had a problem with a couple of plugins with Sonar X3b in Windows 7 and I wanted to test it in Windows 8.1. However, when I...
  9. fireberd

    Solved 8.1 updated caused error in logilda.dll

    After upgrading to 8.1, this morning, when I booted up I would get an error about the Logitech updater. I tried several things to get rid of it, as suggested on searches, but none would get rid of the error. I finally deleted the logilda.dll with my Win Patrol. Here was the error message.
  10. fireberd

    8.1 Evaluation from Windows Secrets Newsletter
  11. fireberd

    Unable to Import Outlook 2003 Contacts to WLM

    I posted this on the Windows 7 forum but never got any responses: I have been using Outlook 2003. I want to use WLM in Win 8. I have installed WLM on Win 8. I also have a copy of WLM installed on Win 7, although I haven't been using it - just there in case I get a call from a client about it...
  12. fireberd

    Win 7 and Win 8 posts on the forums about the same lately

    Just my observation but the Windows7 Forum always had many more posts than the Windows8 forum, until recently. When I would log on the to the forums, I would go to the Win 7 forum and then mark all read. I would go to the Win 8 forum and do the same thing. Used to be a big difference in the...
  13. fireberd

    Solved Windows reactivated by MS, change Prod Key?

    I had to have Microsoft tech support reactivate the Win 8 install on my second PC, due to a motherboard replacement. Does this change the Product Key? e.g. if at some point I had to do a complete new install, do I use the original product key or is there now a different key? I ran Speccy...
  14. fireberd

    Reinstall Win 8 in UEFI and Acronis Backup

    I would like to reinstall Win 8 on my ASRock UEFI motherboard in the UEFI mode. I have Win 7 OEM and the downloaded Win 8 Pro upgrade. I have the Win 8 Pro upgrade burned to an ISO disc. I also have the hard drive backed up to Acronis 2013 and have an Acronis WinPE rescue disc to boot with to...
  15. fireberd

    Solved Office 2003 with Win 8?

    I'm a long time Win 7 supporter but this is my first Win 8 post. According to the Win 8 Upgrade Assistant, MS Office 2003 (and FrontPage 2003) are not compatible. I've seen some posts that it can be used. If it can be used, do I install it in a compatibility mode? Jack