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  1. DeaconFrost

    Strange Display Issue on a new Surface Pro 3

    I am setting up a new Surface Pro 3 for a VP in my company, and I came across a strange display issue. Whenever I right-click on an app's shortcut that's pinned to the Taskbar, the box has a dark blue color, making it nearly unreadable. When I right-click anywhere else in the system, it looks...
  2. DeaconFrost

    Solved Bluetooth Mouse Issue on Two Laptops

    I primarily use two computers, a personal HP Envy laptop and a Surface Pro 3 for work. Both run Windows 8.1 Pro. Because the SP3 only has one USB port, I decided to get a Bluetooth mouse, the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort. It works great, aside from one major issue. Anytime I switch to the other...
  3. DeaconFrost

    Hit a major snag with Office 365 and domain accounts

    I ran into a major issue (for me) when using Windows 8.1, domain accounts, and Office 365 subscriptions. I have a few Surface Pro 3s to set up for our VPs and CEO, and of course, one for me. I have them set to log in using our domain accounts. I also have our domain accounts synced with...
  4. DeaconFrost

    Windows 8.1 (Surface Pro 3) and Domain Accounts

    I just ordered 6 new Surface Pro 3s that are running Windows 8.1 Pro. I'm not sure how to go about setting up the users accounts, so what are your best practices? I'm familiar with 8.1, as I've been running it on my personal ultrabook since it's release...but that isn't in a domain setting. I...
  5. DeaconFrost

    Intel Atom and Windows 8.1

    I'm a new Netflix subscriber, and I'm not overly thrilled with the app running on my Blu-Ray player or my game consoles. I was thinking of running a dedicated machine to handle these duties. I'm an IT Manager, and my company is willing to sell me (dirt cheap) a small Lenovo IdeaCentre Q150...
  6. DeaconFrost

    Intel USB 3.0 issues still not fixed???

    I gave Windows 8 a chance on my HP Envy 4t-1000 ultrabook back in the winter. It ran well, but had issues with the TouchPad. I went back to Windows 7 for the time being. Recently, I noticed driver updates for my laptop for Windows 8. I did a clean install, and everything is running great...
  7. DeaconFrost

    USB 3.0 problem on a new build

    I have a strange issue on a new build, concerning my Intel USB 3.0 ports. They seem to work fine for USB 2.0 devices, but my front panel ones will detect, show the contents, and then disconnect my USB 3.0 flash drive. I know of some issues with Intel's USB 3.0 controllers, and the solution...
  8. DeaconFrost

    DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION during install

    I see a lot of examples of this error message being posted, and it seems they are all after the install, once the system has been up and running. I'm getting it during my install process, so I can't blame other software or even drivers. I have a new build that will install Windows 7 perfectly...
  9. DeaconFrost

    HP Quick Launch for Windows 8?

    I have an HP Envy 4t Ultrabook, and for Windows 7, I could install the Quick Launch software update to get functionality of the Wireless button, and other function keys. I see on HP's site they offer it for Windows 7, but not for Windows 8...for my Ultrabook. Before I try to install the...
  10. DeaconFrost

    Windows To Go Compatible Drives?

    I know Microsoft put out a list of compatible drives for Windows To Go, and that it is only four drives long. Has anyone tested this feature on any other drives? Better yet, is there a list of features that a flash drive needs to support, such as a minimum read/write speed?
  11. DeaconFrost

    Solved Upgrade Key and Full Install Disc

    On Windows 7, I could use a full install disc, skip entering a key, and then pop in an upgrade key to activate. I know with Windows 8, that you can't skip the key during the install routine, so here's my question: I have several licenses for Windows 8 from TechNet and Retail purchases. Could...