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  1. MadHorseman

    Three steps to heaven?

    Hi All, Normally I would just blast ahead with this and "damn the torpedoes" but with a head thick with cold I'm happy to ask for advice. I've got Win7 64 bit running fine on an SSD (see screenshots below), and Win 8 Pro 64 Bit in a partition on HDD also running fine. Vista 64 Bit is on the...
  2. MadHorseman

    Solved Win RP 64-Bit in Virtualbox Installation

    I created a new VM and loaded the Win RP 64-Bit. Blearghhhh. Re-read Virtualbox help section 9.7.2 Yippeee!! Looks ok.
  3. MadHorseman

    Solved Virtualbox 4.1.12 & New Guest Additions

    Hi All, I've had Win CP 64-bit running happily under the previous version of Virtualbox. I updated to the latest release, and after a while I got a message (in the guest machine) saying something along the lines of "New Guest additions available - install now." I now have a happy blue screen...