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  1. Cliff S

    Solved Signature thread

    As now we cannot upload our signature to the editor,:( and have to link them, and there is no Albums in our Profile page(what profile page any how:think:) with this new forum software, I thought I would create this thread to link our signature from(if it works:rolleyes:) So here is mine:
  2. Cliff S

    Solved Protecting yourself from In-Browser Miners

    Read the whole article here: Using the Chrome Task Manager to Find In-Browser Miners The list you want to select at CoinBlockerLists site is: Hosts| This list contains all browser mining domains - A hostslist to prevent browser mining only Link...
  3. Cliff S

    Can't update my Macrium thread

    Hi John, It seems I lost the ability to update my Macrium thread this morning:confused: I'm signed in and all, but the edit post button is missing.
  4. Cliff S

    Updates to Hide to Avoid Telemetry or Windows 10 Upgrade

    From majorgeeks
  5. Cliff S

    Solved Latest Version Malwarebytes Anti Exploit

    Malwarebytes Anti Exploit Stand Alone Beta Latest beta version 23 Nov 2020 ***Download page*** Changelog: Protection: • Protection against new exploit attack vectors Stability/issues fixed: • Fixed a bug in Chrome and Edge browser shields • Fixed customer issues...
  6. Cliff S

    Updates July 14, 2015

  7. Cliff S

    New Zealand has outlawed internet trolling

    Source MSN NEWS This Forums member can only say: "Good job New Zealand, hopefully other countries follow!".
  8. Cliff S

    Play Pong on Bing

    Just go here: pong - Bing
  9. Cliff S

    Move from Windows 8 to 8.1 NOW!!!

    Windows 8 users face patch spigot shutoff in 7 months - Techworld Windows Products Support Lifecycle FAQ Products Released Lifecycle Start Date Mainstream Support End Date Extended Support...
  10. Cliff S

    Federal Trade Commission - Computer Security

    Another interesting find for computer security. This time from the Federal Trade Commission(FTC). Site link
  11. Cliff S

    If you return a PC to a store-FACTORY RESET IT!!!

    An informative article I found at ars technical: How Best Buy’s computer-wiping error turned me into an amateur blackhat How to Reset Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
  12. Cliff S

    Have you been "hacked"? Have you clicked a link in an Email you shouldn't have? Have you, or an internet service you use, had your credentials stolen. Then you might want to take a look at from the Federal Trade Commission if your an US citizen, and if you're not, still take...
  13. Cliff S

    WSReset Shortcut

    I've just "discovered something that might interest people, that often have problems with the Universal Apps. I was browsing through the system32 folder looking for icons to theme, and stumbled upon the WSReset.exe. Normally you run this either by typing it in the Run Dialog or in File...
  14. Cliff S

    Monster Defender Update (10.1 MB)

    Anybody else get this? After installing I did a manual scan(usually don't need to because of Real-Time Protection) because that seems to bee some major definition changes:shock:.
  15. Cliff S

    Change only system wide text size

    For people like me (I use a large HDTV as monitor) who need a large text size to see Title bare menu's messages boxes and such, in case you don't know about it, Windows 8(and Windows 10) have settings in Control Panel-Display to set them larger(or smaller) and to bold.
  16. Cliff S

    Lenovo System Update Privilege Escalation

    Lenovo Security Advisory: LEN-2015-011 Potential Impact: Execution of arbitrary code Severity: Medium Summary: Multiple vulnerabilities have been identified within Lenovo System Update (previously known as ThinkVantage System Update). Lenovo has released a new version of the Lenovo System...
  17. Cliff S

    Super Secretive Malware Wipes Hard Drive to Prevent Analys

    Read more. Source: Ars Technica.
  18. Cliff S

    System Health-> Do you have 9 Green Lights?

    Here's mine and how to create it(also see my signature): How about posting yours too? For more options, see what sml156 found at post #12.
  19. Cliff S

    AV Comparatives & AV Test Links

    Statistics - AV-Comparatives AV TEST for Home User Before asking "What's the best AV" look at the above links. Your choice for an Anti-Virus is the MOST IMPORTANT choice you'll make for your systems security so choose well and thoughtfully. The choice of AV is a question of...
  20. Cliff S

    Ripping with Windows Media Audio 9.2 Lossless

    I just started ripping some of my old "Crossing all Over" CD's and because I have all kinds of room on my 2nd internal drive I decided to use Windows Media Audio 9.2 Lossless which records VBR Quality 100, 44 kHz, 2 channel 16 bit 1-pass VBR. Oh wow what a H U G E difference compared to the MP3...