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  1. popeye

    Sad place

    Was the place to be not long ago. Thanks to M$ it is pretty dead here. Not going to 10 with my metered internet.
  2. popeye

    Solved Linux mint 17 black screen

    Last night I did a bunch of updates on my Linux Mint 17 VMWare Player client. Updates seemed to go well. Now when I start it goes to black screen, do see the logo first. Any way to recover or do I have to re-install?
  3. popeye

    Vista forum alive

    Surprised to see all the recent posts there. Then again not so much. Lots of people are so resistant to change and maybe they simply can't afford to upgrade. That start screen was awesome. ;) Moved to the dust bin. I tried to start a conversation. Oh well. :cry:
  4. popeye

    How about a hotspot button for 9 forum?

    There's a 7 forum button, why no 9 forum button yet?
  5. popeye

    Change forum title to EightsForum

    Tongue in cheek suggestion but what the heck with 8, 8.1, 8.1.1, 8.2....................... Used to be called Service Packs, guess that is passe now. :p
  6. popeye

    Have to say 8.1.1 is working well

    Even though I have an OEM 8 laptop that I upgraded to 8.1 Pro then 8.1.1 update......everything is working well and the system is smooth. Maybe I'm lucky.
  7. popeye

    Solved What is this strange drive appearing in optimization?

    OK, no idea what this is. Won't analyze or optimize but there it is. I do have VMWare Player installed, is that what it is?
  8. popeye

    Solved DISM Analyze command not recognized

    Can anybody please help me fix this?
  9. popeye

    Is 8 and 8.1 creating OS illiterate smartphone users?

    Appears to me with many recent posts that new 8/8.1 users are kind of Windows illiterate. Is it because of the smartphone/tile/android generation?
  10. popeye

    Solved New SSD, how should I use it?

    Got a 128GB (119GB real use) Adata S900 SSD. What is the best use for it? Storage or put the system on it? Already installed and recognized as drive (X). Would like some expert opinions, it's why I ask. Thanks ahead of time.
  11. popeye

    Solved Bluetooth mouse drops connection using 8.1

    Well, my first real problem with 8.1, my bluetooth mouse drops connection about every 15-20 minutes. Turn it off and back on it reconnects. A search of the web shows other people with same problem. I've tried everything I know of, power settings for bluetooth the mouse and usb ports, drivers...
  12. popeye

    Best $15 I ever spent

    Short story, bought the limited time $15 8 pro upgrade offered over a year ago, I had retail 7. Just used it on my POS OEM 8 system and it worked! I am one happy camper. I used the "Get more features with a new edition of windows" feature in System. It worked and only took about 30 minutes to...
  13. popeye

    I love USB 3.0!

    Got a 2TB (really about 1.89) WD MyPassport USB 3.0 HDD over the holidays at an awesome price. Used it today with Macrium to image my main partition containing 200GB+ and the other recovery, uefi partitions. Took about 35 minutes. I love this! It reported I/O at the end of 1GB/sec read and...
  14. popeye

    This site has grown!

    Amazing how much 8 forums has grown even the last six months. I guess 8/8.1 is not being accepted much. (sarcasm) Windows is still the cross platform system IMO. I use DosBox, VMWare Player and other emulators if I need something old to work. So many programs written for Windows. If you are a...
  15. popeye

    Happy on 8

    Well, been a long slog indeed. After deleting crap-ware and installing a third party start app (Start Menu 8) plus Big Muscle's Aero Glass, I'm now very happy with 8. Granted, more like Franken-8 but I like it. Thank the gods above for third party coders. Still, snappier than 7 and I like the...
  16. popeye

    Solved How does image/store get dirty and/or corrupted?

    I don't do anything crazy, I don't think. So why does sfc come back with errors after awhile? Do a DISM restore health and sfc comes back good. Time goes by, next thing I know, sfc reports problems that it can't repair. Do a DISM restore health, all good. Time goes get it...
  17. popeye

    Solved What is with 8 USB and Bluetooth Drivers?

    I've had 8 for a couple weeks now and suddenly running into weird USB and Bluetooth issues. First, my Bluetooth will not let me uninstall a mouse and when I search for devices it does not find any devices. Used to pick up cell phone. Not anymore. Second, I plugged in a USB mouse and it...
  18. popeye

    Big Brother Australia Season 10

    OMG! I love this show. I'm a U.S. person but this show is addictive to both my wife and I. Much better than US version. We like these kind of shows anyway. Master Chef, Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race..... For us, better than the canned cop, comedy, drama shows. Ready to get slammed. :dinesh:
  19. popeye

    Solved Any way to get rid of stupid administrator badge overlay?

    I've read a bit about this but really HATE the administrator badge/shield overlay that appears on icons in desktop once you give rights to an app. Is there a (easy) way to get rid of it without hosing the system? Everything I've read says it is pretty much written in stone. Thanks.