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  1. rhendrix9

    Windows key and Alt-tab do not work in new 8.1 pro install

    I have just installed 8.1 and neither the windows key combo (like <win-key tab> etc.) or alt-tab work. Is there a quick fix? Thanks
  2. rhendrix9

    Unable to see whats typed in website contact forms

    I need help in trying to figure out what to look at. On some websites when selecting the "Contact Us" link (or whatever they call it) such as : Contact Us - Great American Floors - Norcross - Atlanta GA I cannot see the text I am typing in, Apparently the font color is white, if I "select" the...
  3. rhendrix9

    Solved is office 2007 compatible with windows 8.1?

    I just installed office 2007 on a new dell i5 8gig windows 8.1 pc. it's taking over 30 seconds for word to open a file. this can't be right! my windows 7 setup never was this slow. Any ideas?
  4. rhendrix9

    re-install win 8. what is uefi and do i need it

    I just got a Dell desktop with 8.1 installed. I would rather have multiple partitions, so i plan to do a clean install. I've done plenty of installs with MBR but this is the first tike I've seen UEFI, what a slew of partitions. Before I blow it all away, what benefit is there in having UEFI...