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  1. visruth

    Solved What does NA in StartUp mean?

    Hi all On clicking Search Online, it takes me to Bing searching for "NA" word :zip: Any idea how can I know what it is & how to get rid of it is its not useful? Its been there from my previous HDD itself, Now I have replaced with SSD & still NA has not gone, It was enabled, so I disabled...
  2. visruth

    Solved Music App lists music files not present in SSD :(

    Hi I had recently replaced my HDD with SSD, So I had backed up & erased all the personal files including music, videos etc from respective folders, Actually there is no files other than system files, programs, softwares in the SSD now, I had done disk cleanup, defrag , clearing of temp...
  3. visruth

    Solved Where can I find my Drivers?

    I'll be doing a fresh install of Win 8.1 if migration fails , into my new Samsung 840 evo , At present I have my laptop with HDD , running Win 8.1 that came pre installed in the lap. Where can I find all the driver's setup/exe files in my system now , so that I could copy them onto a USB & use...
  4. visruth

    New SuperSpeed USB don't mind which way you Plug it in!

    The reversible USB Type-C standard has now been finalized, which should save the world untold man-hours in mis-plugging. Roughly the size of a current micro-USB Type-B connector, it uses matching rows of contacts on the top and bottom so that you can shove it in either way around. Type-C is a...
  5. visruth


    Hi guys, I want to delete few images from my Photos app in Metro. These images are not there in the specified folder when I looked upon in File Explorer. Now I select the images I want to delete (Only the ones not in the File Explorer i.e., which I have deleted from File Explorer prior to...
  6. visruth

    USB Devices can be used for Hacking

    More here: USB Devices Like Keyboards Can be Used to Hack Into PCs: Researcher | NDTV Gadgets USB Has a Fundamental Security Flaw That You Can't Detect | Gizmodo India
  7. visruth

    Solved Samsung 840 Evo 500GB SSD for Toshiba MQ01ABD100 1TB HDD?

    Hi guys I want to replace my already present TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100 1TB 2.5" 9.5mm SATA-II (3.0Gbps) Internal HDD with Samsung 840 EVO 250GB/500GB 2.5" 7mm SATA-III 6Gbps (Compatible with SATA 3Gb/s & SATA 1.5Gb/s) Internal SSD (MZ-7TE250BW/MZ-7TE500BW). Is it possible for me to do that? :huh...
  8. visruth

    Solved Touchpad - IE 11 conflict!

    Hi everyone I am using latest WIN 8.1.1 64-bit OS. Just bought this lap 3 months back. I had updated all the drivers, softwares and security patches from manufacturer's site & MS Windows too. This problem is there right from the beginning. I had also updated my BIOS to the latest given in...
  9. visruth

    Solved IE11 - Synaptics touchpad scrolling [email protected]#!

    Hi everyone I intended to post this one in Tablets & Touch section at first, but since this issue only occurs while using IE 11 -- I thought this may be due to some conflicts or settings change in IE 11 that is causing the issue. I am using latest WIN 8.1.1 64-bit OS. Just bought this lap 2...
  10. visruth

    Solved how to switch between dual graphics?!!

    Hi I have integrated Intel HD 4400 & dedicated 2GB Nvidia GT740M in my lappy. I have an HP Pavilion 15. HP guys told me the nvidia graphic card get automatically activated on plugging the power to ac and converts to low power integrated card while on battery. But, is there any way I can...
  11. visruth

    Not able to get GPU, CPU, FPS details in-game!!

    I installed MSI Afterburner along with Riva Tuner Statistics Server. Installed HWiNFO64. Restarted my system. Checked option of Show on statistics in Riva tuner, had in run at first. then opened HWiNFO64, started it also to run in Sensor-only setting. Clicked Configure sensors, Changed needed...
  12. visruth

    Solved Where can I find .exe file of ASPHALT 8: airborne???

    Hey guys I want to set my Asphalt 8: airborne to use NVIDIA GPU on game-play. I have not set NVIDIA to high performance globally instead its on auto-select. I don't want to change that, instead I wanted to change the program setting of Asphalt 8 only to use NVIDIA on high performance setting...
  13. visruth

    Solved Failed Driver software installation - TOSHIBA USB drive

    I have a toshiba canvio basics 1TB portable external hard drive usb powered. Model no. E05A100BBU2AK. I had purchased it some 3-4years back. It worked for some 4-5months or so. Then, whenever i plug it in the port, an error comes "FAILED DRIVER SOFTWARE INSTALLATION". The device doesn't come...
  14. visruth

    Solved bizarre USB scenario!

    My mobile is not getting connected to my laptop through USB.... And that means neither mobile is getting charged nor any data could be transferred through the USB line. I tried everything possible. USB drivers are okay in device manager. I tried different USB cables, through all the three...
  15. visruth

    Solved any harm in doing a force power shutdown?

    I'm little apprehensive about recurrent force power shutdown I had to do during past one week in my lappy. First, I had to do it while the whole system got stuck up following Prime95 stability scan when I customised blend settings for CPU 100% load along with 92% memory usage. Next time it was...
  16. visruth

    Solved Asphalt 8 FREEZES!

    When I play game (FYI I have only played asphalt 8: airborne downloaded from windows store), graphics freezes. I'm not able to do anything within the game or its controls except I can close it. And I have to open the app again to play it. It has happened 4-5 times in the past.Bought this laptop...