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  1. Kynix

    Setting chromium as the default browser in Windows 8

    Hi, I've been using Windows 8 since the Developer preview and I've had no problems with it until now. I recently got fed up with Firefox (for being too slow, and buggy). so I installed Chromium (not chrome. Chromium, the open source version of Google chrome without that spyware Google puts in...
  2. Kynix

    Via HD Audio deck

    Okay, once again problems... So, I have this old M4A77 motherboard with Realtek's audio "card". I've installed the drivers (I had to use Windows 7 compatibility mode) and the installation went fine, the computer was restarted Alle klar. The driver comes with program called VIA HD Audio deck...
  3. Kynix

    Memory card reader causes shutdown problem

    So, shutdown problems... We meet again. I have an "internal! Memory card reader in my computer connected to the mainboard's USB slot. The reader works correctly, but every time I shut down my computer Windows realises to start complaining about Empty drives. I press the shutdown button...
  4. Kynix

    Windows 8 Start screen backgrounds

    Hi, i've recently noticed this program called Blue Poison It can unlock features in windows 8, but when I head to the part of the program I like the most, themes. When i try to apply them they are locked. Even in administrator rights. Is there any way to unlock them, or obtain those themes...
  5. Kynix

    Solved 3am automated update for windows

    I have noticed, that some days nights, when i'm coding or making videos, anything like that, but the no. 1 thing I hate is at 3am restart after updates. Not bad, computer needs to restart, but why windows does not warn me about it? Usually around 3:10-> I'll have to watch when all of my unsaved...
  6. Kynix

    ATI Radeon HD 6870 & OpenGL

    I've recently bought a new GPU to my computer, but I (almost) instantly noticed that i didn't play any OpenGl games. (after a little research i found that i had to copy the opengl.dll to .dll in system 32) After that it did launch OpenGl games, but (example minecraft) could not launch...
  7. Kynix


    Does anyone else have this horrible problem what mine WCP is suffering? My computer started today freezing in random times. First it freezes for no reason (nothing works, the only thing i can do is move my mouse, and if i have music in the background it will keep playing. Then (after 10...
  8. Kynix

    Solved "Charms Bar" activation zone

    Any ideas on how to move the hover menu to another screen? I find it very difficult to point my mouse in the corner of my 1st monitor (red in picture) I have tried to change the main display, but it does too much.
  9. Kynix

    Solved Signatures

    I've created myself a new signature with adobe photoshop elements 2. When i imported it to PNG-24 with transparency enabled it had transparent background. But when i uploaded it to be my signature it had that nasty white background. I've posted the .psd file to the attachments (if you want to...
  10. Kynix

    Microsoft flight

    Microsoft flight was released today too, Microsoft has announced MS Flight to bee Free to play game, and i tested it on 8 CP and highly recommend this game for anyone who likes planes. Microsoft Flight - Download Minimum Hardware: CPU: Dual Core 2.0 GHz GPU: 256 MB card...
  11. Kynix

    Upgrading problems

    not actual problem, but it's frustrating to see that my hard disc has been filled to 300 Gb when i checked why i saw this I clicked it once, and pressed 'delete' It started to count the files inside. After a while it required permissions to do that operation (i clicked ok, and it keep...
  12. Kynix

    Microsoft office outlook 10 User tile

    Hi, does anyone know that will there be a user tile (or login screen tile as i call it) for Office outlook 2010? i've heard that it will work wiht live essentials, but instead of using it, i want to use my gmail account and outlook, but i still want the email tile to be there?
  13. Kynix

    Solidedge ST3

    Does anyone have idea about this program? Because when i try to install it, it says: Turn off UAC. I usually keep user account control off, and so it is now. the program works in windows XP, but not in 8DP. there is also a newer version ST4, but my school has license only for ST3.
  14. Kynix

    Solved Logitech g19

    I've bought about a month ago a logitech g19 keyboard. When i downloaded the driver (and software) from logitech support site, i had to chose Windows 7 64. When i started the installation a windows popped up, and said: this installation is not compatible with your operating system. the same...
  15. Kynix

    Metro-style Internet Explorer 10 ditches Flash and plugins

    Oldie, but i didn't see it on forums Metro-style Internet Explorer 10 ditches Flash, plugins
  16. Kynix

    Solved The build

    Does the build version change when updates have been installed, or do i have to reinstall windows 8 again when a new version comes out?
  17. Kynix

    logitech quickcam communicate stx

    i've tried to download drivers for my webcam logitech quickcam communicate stx here but whe i download the installer for vista it tells me about compatibility issues. any way to get it working? (the mic works but cam doesn't)
  18. Kynix

    Solved EF-Forum

    I'm just wondering (yup, i've got a lot of questions :cool:) what is eightforums' forum software?
  19. Kynix

    Solved Xp mode

    I've tried to download the xp mode for windows 8. After downloading it checked my systems validation. (and it couldn't validate it "hooray,,) any ideas how to get the xp mode in to Windows 8 DP?
  20. Kynix

    Solved BSoD

    Any ideas, what happened, when i was logging off (not shutting down) my computer got a BSoD.