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    Chrome uses instead of to searc

    Chrome uses instead of to search so how can i force it to use uk results? i Live in UK PS By search i meant searching via bar not site(google)
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    Is it my DVD writer problem or software driver problem?

    Here is my problem When i write my DVD-R with Nero/Imgburn/Burnaware it says burnt successful but it fails to verify and even dvd is blank when i reinsert in laptop and my friends computer. I have tried to burnt at slower speeds but still same problem.:rolleyes: My dvd drive reads other DVDs...
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    How to protect the whole partition with password?

    I have to give my laptop for servicing so how to protect my data with password that prevents unauthorized access even it boot OS is used .
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    Blank DVD even after successful burning

    I burnt 2 dvd with nero then other one with Burnaware but Disc is still blank.:shock: I have no idea why.Can you help me.
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    Solved Is DVD-R a good form of data storage?

    Hi i want to know that are dvds good form of data storage? How long does data remains safe if i keep it clean in dvd pack?:eek:
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    How to enable hardware virtualization in Aptio Setup Utili

    How to enable hardware virtualization in Aptio Setup Utility? I am not able to enable it in BIOS. I want this because while installing Androin 4.4 in Virtualbox it is giving some error. I have also uploaded Speccy CPU configuration which states that virtulization is supported and few pics of my...
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    Solved Is there any software to lock screen with apps running?

    Is there any software to lock screen with apps running in the background? Like when i leave my room so i lock my screen with password and idm keeps downloading and something like that. Thanks.:D
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    How to fix unhandled exception error?

    I am trying to open x360ce gamepad emulator but it gives this error.(in the pic) :mad::cry: And the extra data is under See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text **************...
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    Is there any software to block app Internet access

    I mean i want a software which tells me that a software is trying to access Internet and then ask for my permission.
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    How to setup OpenDNS on one pc?

    I have wifi network in my room and i have to share it with my friend. But he uses it for torrent etc. So how can i setup OpenDNS only on his pc(not on wifi router) and set up filter after that?
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    installing intel 4000 hd drivers causing black screen

    I had windows 7 before then i updated to windows 8.1. But my intel driver gave message that it does not meet system requirements. Then i downloaded latest 4000 HD drivers and installed it. Then when i restart i see black screen and sometimes mouse flickering. What should i do?
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    Error while installing intel 4000 hd drivers.

    When i extract the setup and execute installer it states that your system does not meet minimum requirements. But i used this driver well in Windows 7 64bit My laptop is Samsung 350V4X-SOCTH. And i am sure it meets all the requirements
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    Solved Installing 8.1 but there are only 2 options

    Installing 8.1 but there are only 2 options (troubleshoot and turn off your pc) What should i do? At present i have windows 7. There is no option to install new window.
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    Solved Please give me reasons why i should use Windows 8.1 over 7

    At present i am using windows 7.really nice os. Now someone told me that windows 8.1 is much faster than 7.So should I buy windows 8?and is there any way to get start menu like in Windows 7.