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  1. JHough

    Disc goes to 100% busy for extended periods.

    Have you tried using performance monitor to pinpoint the applications using the disk?
  2. JHough

    Running Windows 8.1 disk usage goes above 90% upon startup

    Have you looked at process monitor to further pinpoint the image using the disk?
  3. JHough

    Solved Computer Running Slowly, Games Barely Play

    Poopscoot, Did you make a recovery disk?
  4. JHough

    Solved Computer Running Slowly, Games Barely Play

    My preference is to run task manager and resource monitor to determine which process is slowing the computer down.
  5. JHough

    Nice and simple games for kids

    When my kids were 5 or so they enjoyed games like Freddie the fish, where the character searches for clues and plays games in an underwater settings. Webkinz has some fun games, some gambling games, and extra stuff to buy. Barbie has some fun games for older girls. Wikipedia describes some games.
  6. JHough

    Leave computer running or shut down

    Turning desktop computers off reduces the chance of damage from power, spikes, black outs and brownouts. In 30 years of home computing, One hard drive died after a power flicker. Laptops have the external power converter, which reduces the chances of power fluctuations damaging equipment...
  7. JHough

    CPU Runs at 100% At all Times lists tracking down the culprits. Sometimes windows defragger and a third party defragger make my system useless, until the defraggers finish.
  8. JHough

    windows 8 freezing and 100% disk usage posts describe in detail with screen captures pinpointing the programs consuming disk resources. Norton was the problem for me 1 fourth of the time. The windows defrag and Tiwork were the problem 1/2 of the time...
  9. JHough

    windows 8 freezing and 100% disk usage

    Task manager, resource monitor and process explorer can diagnose the bottle necks. My laptop exhibits the same 100% disk usage after a large install or update. Windows Tiwork, windows defrag, Norton 360 are usually to blame. Why these programs can not tell that the disk queue is long, the...
  10. JHough

    Issue with my OS

    Resource Monitor can help pinpoint the causes of CPU spikes , too.
  11. JHough

    Windows 8 Runing at 100% Disk and CPU

    Have you looked at the services in resource monitor?
  12. JHough

    March 10th 2015 Windows Updates

    Usually after a major update, the defrag service runs, and slows the system down for at least 30 minutes.
  13. JHough

    Windows Updates won't download

    Several years back, a virus disabled MS updates and virus definition updates on my XP machine. A virus removal boot disk removed the virus, but MS update still did not work. A reinstall of windows fixed the problem.
  14. JHough

    Solved Laptop experiencing weird freezes

    After 2 hours of PowerPoint this morning my PC keyboard and mouse froze. ctrl-alt-del did not bring up options and the cursor remained in the same spot. A few seconds after unplugging the keyboard and mouse wireless receiver, the screen went black, then the image came back, and the laptop unfroze.
  15. JHough

    Solved Laptop experiencing weird freezes

    Is the disk activity spiking?
  16. JHough

    Solved Laptop experiencing weird freezes

    Thank you for posting your system specifications. The i5 has sufficient processing power for most tasks. Using task manager, resource monitor and/or process explorer will show if a resource is being used up by a process. This is a good first step in narrowing down causes of a slow down.
  17. JHough

    Windows 8.1 Freeze Ups (Disk usage 100%, 0 R/W speeds) Shows some screen shots of other slow systems , but your problem looks different as your transfer rates are closer to 0.
  18. JHough

    Windows 8.1 Freeze Ups (Disk usage 100%, 0 R/W speeds)

    Thank you for posting the screen shots. It does not look like the adware and update induced problems, which my A6 4GB laptop has seen. The Adware slowed down the browsers. The large updates caused the anti-virus and disk defragmenters to have major disk contention. After letting the PC sit...
  19. JHough

    How do I check memory usage of all processes

    Resource monitor shows memory for services and processes.