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  1. rchris

    How Do I Un-synchronize a Pair of Win 8 Computers?

    Finished a new build and installed Windows Pro 8.1. Accepted the option to have it synchronized with another existing Win 8 computer... it copied over all the apps and personalization settings, which was fine. But now I want to operate the new machine's personalization options separately. If I...
  2. rchris

    Unable to Set PIN for Windows 8 Logon

    Installed Windows 8 on a new build. When I try to replace the Microsoft Account sign-on with a PIN, Windows tells me that an error has "prevented capture of your PIN. Try again later." ... or words to that effect. And, of course, "later" never comes!:( Any ideas about what is going on? I've...
  3. rchris

    Solved Clean Up After Purchasing Additional Windows 8 Keys

    As you know, you can purchase additional Windows 8 Pro Upgrade keys (up to five--and today is the last day for the cheaper price) via the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant... you just burn an ISO rather than continuing with the install. But if you're not upgrading to Win8 on the computer that you...
  4. rchris

    What Wireless Adapter Works With Win 8 RTM?

    Do you have a wireless adapter that works with the Win 8 pro RTM? I've tried ASUS USB N13 and Rosewill RNX-N150 with no success. :cry: