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    Solved Installations never finish

    Often at the beginning, some installations just don't finish on Windows 8. I wanted to try live streaming using XSplit (Says it's Windows 7 Compatible), that installer freezes at the beginning. I assume there were compatibility issues with Windows 8, so I try FFSplit, an opensource alternative...
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    Solved Entire folder gone

    I was working in Adobe Premiere Pro on a video, and I imported my intro scene which I just spent the past 10 hours working on. All of the sudden, a window pops up saying "Please locate Final Intro.mp4". I try to locate it, but the entire folder is gone. The folder contained the intro video, my...
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    Folder and application icons appear in taskbar, then disappear

    When I don't use my taskbar (When I'm using a program or AFK), stuff appears in my taskbar. First it's usually a folder (like a folder would appear in Windows Explorer, sometimes a bunch open up (stacked). Then application icons open (not actual applications, but what I associate with blank...
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    Solved Where does the camera app store photos and videos?

    I took some photos and videos that I need to open in an editing program now. Where are they located on the disk? Edit: I found it: C:/Users/Public/Pictures
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    Solved Release Preview Installer Not Working

    It's infinitely continuing the "checking apps and devices" part of the compatibility check. I haven't been able to run many program installations either since I installed the Consumer Preview. I was excited to get rid of it for the Release Preview, but then it happened again. I'm going to...
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    No permission to restart Windows Explorer

    Windows Explorer crashed, and when I tried to restart it, it says that I don't have permission. I tried creating a new process, but it did not worth. I would prefer not to log off if I can. What can I do? Also, Windows Explorer crashes constantly. Is there a way to fix that?:sarc:
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    Solved Windows Developer Preview 64 bit w/o tools iso?

    I'm running the Windows Developer Preview 64 bit w/o developer's tools on my computer. I installed it through an iso mounted to a USB flash drive. Now, months later, it says I need to insert the disk to repair Windows. (It froze and when I restarted it said this). I can only download the...