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    Installing Windows 8.1 on 2nd HD makes it a multi-boot?

    How exactly does this work? In the past I installed Windows 8.1 with Windows 7 on an old HD. I forgot exactly what I did, but it turned into a multi-boot prompting startup. Then I found out later on when I removed one of the HD's, it can no longer boot. Recently, I did a Windows 8.1 with...
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    Can't get Netflix 5.1 Audio on Windows 8.1 App

    All I get from Windows 8 Netflix App is PCM. Troubleshooting: Old Windows Media Center recorded TV show works. - SPDIF out from GTX 960 works - HDMI out from GTX 960 passthrough to TV SPDIF works Netflix Windows 10 App on WinTablet works. - HDMI out from Atom x5-Z8350 works This...
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    IE update KB3139929 causes computer to freeze

    Hello, Has there been any other issue like this? 11.0.9600.18231 11.0.29 (KB3139929) ...appears to cause computer to freeze when IE visits some sites. Hard reboot is required. That I know of, it happens on Netflix, EpixHD, HBOGO and trying to log into some premium movie sites. Not sure what...
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    Services/Tasks to disable to max weak computer

    I know Windows has all sorts of automated bells and whistles that do something interesting but not necessarily beneficial. What are some of the things you can do to it to max out the performance, such that frees up resources like CPU, MEM, HD, etc. Thanks!
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    Zero brightness too easy in Windows 10

    Hey, I just updated a Vulcan Excursion XB tablet to Windows 10. In the battery icon, there's a brightness toggle that sets to 0, 25, 75, 100 percent. The problem is that when it toggles to 0, the whole screen disappears! It's really easy to hit this and the problem is, when it does happen, you...
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    Does Windows "cloud" your WiFi known networks list?

    I just set up a new tablet like 2 days ago and some of the restaurants I went to in the past appears on my "Known Networks" list. Does it store the SSID/passwords somewhere in the cloud or something? I don't remember seeing this feature on outlook/onedrive website.
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    Can you log out of MS while remaining logged in locally?

    So I have this problem with my tablet. It keeps comming in and out of connected standby: Event 507, Kernel Power The system is exiting connected standby Reason: User Input. The only thing that seems to solve this is if I turn off OneDrive sync AND log off. I don't know why it does this but I...
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    Can't see Tablet on Network

    The tablet is on "Private" profile with "Turn on network discovery" checked. I presume that the setting that should make it visible under other PC's File Explorerer>Network tree. But no PC on the network can see it. Though the tablet can see all the others. However, it does exhibit...
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    Changing the initial settings

    You know that part where it goes "Hi...welcome...whatever" and you can customize your "on/off" settings like error reporting or something like that? How do you get to those settings afterward? Thanks!
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    Windows 8.1 keeps exiting and entering "connected standby"

    This is the first time I've had a Windows tablet, and it seems to just doesn't want to stay "asleep", like every other friggin tablet out there! When I look at the event log, it just seems to randomly and frequently enter and exit connected standby. The screen comes on as if it thinks someone...
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    Type: System Folder vs. This Folder ("This PC" vs. "C:")

    OK, so what's going on here with folder navigation? The properties tabs seem to be the same except that the identical folder from: "This PC" is of type: System "C:" is of type: This Folder In addition, it seems that when you change the sort orders, etc. within the separate "types", it saves...