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  1. EchoX860

    Solved Folder showing multiple album covers, while others show 1.

    Figured it out. It was showing the files, while on the other folders it was showing the album cover which was embedded.
  2. EchoX860

    Finally have a new PC, unsure about all these new things.

    I finally got a brand new PC after having the same for many, many years. I'm unsure about a lot of these new drivers. I downloaded a Driver Utility program and it says that many of my drivers are out of date, such as PCI Root Complex, Realtek PCIe GEe, AMD Sata Controller. How important is it to...
  3. EchoX860

    Use different MS account with Smartglass

    Is this possible? I have 2 MS Accounts, one I use for XBL ( and the other for everything else including my PC I don't see an option to use my XBL Email, was curious if anyone else found it?
  4. EchoX860


    Question. I was able to remove the Library folders from This PC and put them back into "Library". I also was able to disable Skydrive and have it not show up in the sidebar. However if I'm uploading a picture to Imgur or TinyPic, it still shows up, any idea? W8.1
  5. EchoX860

    How can I delete the SkyDrive Desktop program?

    How can I delete the SkyDrive Desktop program, I try but it keeps saying it's open.
  6. EchoX860

    Is this a decent gaming PC?

    Avatar AMD FX-Series 16GB DDR3 1TB HDD Capacity Desktop PC Windows 8 64-Bit Gaming FX6164 -
  7. EchoX860

    Is there a Windows 8 Codec available?

    Like on Windows 7? I'd like to use the Windows 8 Video App to play FLV Files, but it seems like I'm gonna need to install Wondershare Player on W8 like I had on W7
  8. EchoX860

    HP Logo, PC Model gone from System

    Back on Windows 7 if I went to the Control Panel/System it showed the HP Logo, my manufacturer and model number, is there a way to get that back in 8?
  9. EchoX860

    I was deadset against Windows 8

    Hated it, hated the UI, despised this piece of crap. Decided to try it out again, found Start8, found ModernMix and strictly use Desktop Mode, not half bad, which I could use darker colors without having to use a custom theme so the title bar text didn't become hard to read, but you know what...
  10. EchoX860

    Solved Dual Interface = Slower?

    I recently read a review of Windows 8 and it said that because of the Dual Interface, I'm assuming he means Metro/Desktop, it's actually slower/more resource hog than 7, is that true? Here's the article: Five reasons why Windows 8 has failed | ZDNet
  11. EchoX860

    Disable File Explorer "Tools"

    When you select various folders/files a new thing pops up in the title bar such as "Drive Tools", "Library Tools", or "Picture Tools" if you select a Folders in My Pictures, is there a way to get rid of this? I do have the "Disable Ribbon" thing on my HD, but don't plan on using it unless I have to.
  12. EchoX860

    Installation Error Spwizeng.dll

    I get this message when I try to enter setup. E\Sources\SPWIZENG.DLL is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media.