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    Windows 8.1 Update -- Iso Download

    I noticed there are links to download the Windows 8.1 update, but those are for technet subscribers. Are there any public links yet? Reason I ask, I want to download/burn the ISO, so when I format my system, I have a disc to reinstall windows. Can this 8.1 update be installed fresh? Or...
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    Errors in Event Viewer -- How to correct ?

    Keep seeing these errors in my event viewer: Cryptographic Services failed while processing the OnIdentity() call in the System Writer Object. Details: AddLegacyDriverFiles: Unable to back up image of binary Microsoft Link-Layer Discovery Protocol. System Error: Access is denied...
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    Whats your favorite Metro Weather App?

    Currently running the stock BING and The Weather Channel. Wondering what people prefer for their desktop metro weather app
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    Skydrive - First time using, suggestions

    First time user, having a few questions on how to setup skydrive. I have always used Drop Box in the past, but with windows 8.1 and my xbox one, I want to start using Skydrive. Few questions. How do most people set it up? Do you use your default My Documents folder for skydrive? Or do you...
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    Solved Closing Metro Apps takes me to desktop

    I open up my Live tiles screen on my 2nd monitor. When I open an app, say facebook. All is fine. When I drag from top of screen to bottom with my mouse to close the app, it goes to desktop. Is there a way for me to go back to the Live tiles screen? Also, is it possible to have the live...
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    Does this look like, all these partitions

    I run 3 HDS. 1 SSD, and 2 normal drives. I just clean formatted my SSD © and installed Windows 8 on it, which I always put on that drive. However I am seeing a bunch of partitions, 4 recovery partitions. Are these normal? If not, how would I get rid of them?
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    Defrag software on Windows 8.1

    Any idea which work? I know perfectdisk does not work in windows 8.1 Not sure if the default Windows 8.1 disk defrag is as good as third party.
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    Apps not working correctly in Windows 8.1 RTM

    So far these apps are not working/installing in Windows 8.1 RTM Acronis True Image 2014 Logitech Setpoint Roxio Perfectdisk 12.5
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    Network 2

    Under my Network and Sharing Center, My active network is Network 2 (Private Network) Wondering why it says 2, as I only have a LAN connection (no wifi) and only 1 connection. Is there a way to rename this to Network 1?
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    Total Commander - Awesome File Manager app!

    For those who dont know, Total Commander is an awesome app. Its one of the first apps I install after I install windows. The default Windows File Explorer is horrible. This app is great Total Commander - home Check it out
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    Google accounts syncing with Mail/Calendar in windows 8?

    I noticed google no longer supports active sync, as of Jan this year? So is there no way for me to sync my mail/contacts and calendar with the builtin windows 8 apps on my pc?
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    The Weather Channel Windows 8 app gets major revamp

    Today, The Weather Channel launched a major new update for the Windows 8 app, which includes an all new user interface. Gone are the "towers" that showed the weather forecast. Instead, the app presents the forecast and other weather information in rows of boxes in a look that has a more "Modern"...
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    Help installing Windows 8 on SSD

    Im reformatting and reinstalling Windows 8. I've always installed it on my Samsung 830 128gb SSD When I boot up Windows 8, and try to select where to install windows, My SSD is broken up into Drive 0 Partition 1: System Reserved 350MB/90.MB free (Type Secondary) Drive 0 Partition 2...
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    Windows 7 File Recovery

    I just ran this on my windows 8 box for my backup solution My question is, I have it setup to run daily. Will it overright/replace the backup image each day? Or always make a new image? Curious due to space contraints. Also, I noticed I can not use File History back when using Windows 7 backup?
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    Storage Spaces - Users opinions?

    Those running Windows 8, do you use Storage Spaces feature? If so, what is your hard drive setup? How do you like it? Reason you are using it? Beneficial? Thanks
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    Solved Making 2nd monitor always display Metro Screen?

    How do I make my 2nd monitor always display my start screen / metro screen? Seems like on my 1st monitor, when ever i open chrome or IE, it closes the start/metro on monitor 2, and opens it there.
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    Removing build number?

    I put Windows 8 back on yesterday, and the build number was not on the bottom right. However, today I installed Media Center, and now I see Windows 8 Pro with Media Center Build 9200. Why did this all of a sudden appear? How do I remove it?
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    Sfc /scannow results, help

    Ran SFC /Scannow and had some errors that couldn't be repaired. Not sure where to go from here, but this is the log below. Any help. 2013-01-09 14:17:39, Info CSI 0000000b [SR] Verifying 100 (0x0000000000000064) components 2013-01-09 14:17:39, Info CSI...
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    Downloading the upgrade

    If I download the Windows 8 upgrade for 39.99 on Buy Windows - Microsoft Windows Do I need to have Windows 7 installed? Or can I do a fresh install of windows 8 with this? Thanks.
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    Fix bootloader?

    I've noticed sometimes when I first powerup my windows 8 machine, it turns on, but I get no display on my monitor (has happened with 2 monitors). I am using the latest beta ATI drivers for my card. The weird thing is, pressing delete i dont even get the bios to appear, just a black/dark...