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    Solved MSN Weather broken? (blank pages, Places lost)

    Hello everyone, it's a few weeks that this great app behaves erratically (v. Confirmed on at least 2 PC's. I open it up and sometimes it won't open at all or minimize unexpectedly. Usually, it does open and the home city's weather is displayed fine. Switch to another place, and...
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    Delete/remove App review from Store?

    I'm looking for a way to delete a review I left for a Windows 8 app, but is seems impossible. Surely there must be a way?
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    8.1: High disk activity makes it unusable

    After updating to 8.1 (the update process went fine - no such issue on 8), at seemingly random moments, hard disk activity goes up the wall, essentially making the system unusable for 3-4 minutes. Here is a pic of the task manager (it can go a lot higher than 5.3 MB/s): The Device Manager...
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    Force updates installation during shut-down? (Win 7-like)

    It seems that Windows 8 will only install some updates after a restart. No surprises here. However, since the Windows 8 "user" shutdown is not a real shutdown, but a hibernation (hence it will not be followed by a restart, and will not install updates), Windows 8 forces us to an extra...
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    Store: update notifications for uninstalled Apps?

    For the last month or so, Windows Store now reports available updates for applications I have uninstalled, like Sports and Finance. This did not happen in the past. Does the same happen for you, too? Is it a problem, or a devious and annoying way to trick us into reinstalling these Windows 8 apps?
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    Automatic shutdown disables Fast Startup?

    I use several applications (video encoders, download tools etc.) that offer a "shutdown when done" option. What I've noticed with Win 8 x64, is that when this type of shutdown is executed, Fast Startup is disabled and when the PC is turned back on, boot-up time is significantly increased...
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    Windows Live Mail 2012 minimize to tray?

    Windows Live Mail 2012 minimize only to tray? There is a tip about enabling Vista-compatibility mode, thus allowing WLM to always minimize to tray, but it does not work on 8. Any one got this working? Thanks.
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    Cannot delete Linux files/folders

    Hello, I'm having trouble deleting some Linux files found on an NTFS external HD. It's a .teamviewer folder that contains ...\dosdevices\c: (the "c:" appears as a file in Windows, but cannot be accessed/right-clicked etc). and another file that contains : in the file name. Unlocker won't delete...
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    Same settings as 7, access denied on 8.

    Same settings as 7, access denied on 8 wired network. I have a small wired home network of 2 PC's. Everything worked fine on 7, on 8 I can see and open shared folders/files but cannot modify/delete them. You can see my settings below, common on both PC's. Tried both on/off for "turn on...
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    Solved Help with Canon ip4500 printer, officially unsupported

    While they released Windows 8 drivers for many of their printers, I've been told from Canon that they will not support this one. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than myself, could somehow help me try to "grab" the driver from a Windows 7 installation? On 7, the installation procedure for full...
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    Mail: foreign characters in subject wrong

    The subject of email messages with foreign (Greek in this case) characters will not display correctly, I get something like: =?UTF-=CE=BF=CE=BD_=CE=9F=CE=A4=CE=9... etc. I've set the regional and locale settings to Greek but it doesn't help, and I can't find any specific settings for the Mail...