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    Classic Shell Start Menu not coming up

    Slavic, thanks man, awesome, that fixed it up...I was under the impression because I had set the display up as two columns that the extensions would also be shown as a column....thanks again that really helped!
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    Classic Shell Start Menu not coming up

    Slavic, thanks for the response...I finally got myself setup and running, but I had to uninstall the newest classic shell and reinstall 4.2 version and it works....EXCEPT....I'm setup with the two column like I had but when I click on THIS PC or CONTROL PANEL, etc. I am presented with a column...
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    Classic Shell Start Menu not coming up

    I have win8.1& have installed the Classic Shell Start Menu for XP, it comes up when I boot up or restart, but when I click on the Start button a second time, it's not coming up and it might be in my settings, but I'm not real sure. Is there a default setting? Are there "typical" settings? I...
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    Dilemma and Challenge

    A dilemma and challenge: I have a desktop hp h8-1534 Envy that came with OS Win8.0 and was upgraded to 8.1 several years ago…it’s a working unit but has a few hiccups every now and then….I made a Recovery thumb drive when I did the upgrade and would like to know: (1) if I use the Recovery drive...
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    Error 0X80070570

    Couldn't find a specific forum for this so here goes... I am simply copying/cutting/pasting files/folders to a 4TB External Drive and I get about 35% done and the error pops up. Guess I'll start copying/pasting individually until the error comes up again or someone can help out. thanks ahead of...
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    PC slowed down considerably esp. in regular boot mode; safe mode is much better but still slowed a bit

    seems to me that you have a lot of programs, etc. that are dragging you much RAM do you have? I would definitely do another Disk Cleanup and don't close it out....and get rid of a lot of 'stuff' from there...get Glary Tools and Speed Disk and Defrag. If you aren't running at least...
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    win 8.1 File History Backup?

    Folks, here's the long and well, not real short of it.... I have folders labelled “all my downloads, my videos, my pictures, pdf folders of different titles and hundreds of Word doc’s, a few, Excel files, and different Icons for starting different programs”…with that being said, would I be...
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    potpourri of retail, backup of download

    First, if I download an app from an online store , e.g., MS Office Pro 2016, can that program be backed up or copied to disc or thumb drive prior to doing an install, cause if I install, I can't back it up right? Second, if you can't back it up from the download, can I download to desktop and...
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    what to do with this file?

    I downloaded a file (Win8.1_ENG_ x64) from MicroSoft that I thought was a repair file for Win8.1 but I really don't know what it is, how to use it, or if I use it, will it automatically delete all data/s from my desktop or not and present me with a repaired OS of 8.1 with a clean start and no...
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    External HD+SDD not being recognized

    Autoplay is not working in Win8.1 desktop....when I connect either of my external HD's to my desktop and I go to my PC to see all that is working/connected, everything BUT my externals are showing up. The usb port works as I have reversed my mouse and all is ok...anyone seen this? any...
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    Are Free copies available?

    Thanks for the info TM. I don't want to install 8.1, I just want to have a copy as backup by its self...which leads me into Product Key querie...when I go into my settings for Prod. ID it provides me with a 20digit number (5dig. increments) , but I was looking at a Word document I had for Prod...
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    Are Free copies available?

    hp envy 10Gb ram/8.1 OS a couple of years ago I bought a desktop with Win 8.0 and then later with the update went to Win8.1...problem is, this was a factory load and I had no hard copy (disk) and I’d like to get a copy of Windows 8.1...OR, should I be looking for Win 8.0 OR, is the...
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    System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8

    Brink, you say with a Warning: Windows 8.1 no longer supports being able to create a system repair disc CD/DVD using the method in this tutorial. I created a Win 8 64 bit Repair Disc two years ago on a DVD when I first go Win8. I have yet to have a need to use it, thankfully, but it should work...
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    How to scan a file or folder?

    when I down load a file or folder, and before I open it, I always scan it with a Malware program by right clicking on the file/folder....Problem is that I have Windows Defender that is not available to me to use to scan for virus' or malware. How do I make it a right click option? I want...
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    How do I "DISABLE" the popup "Common Software Manager"?

    This just started about a month or so ago... I'm sure this little pop up came attached to some program I downloaded, but it's not a large enough program to even show up when you try to use Install/Remove or Revo uninstaller programs. I would think that most programs will send out software...
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    Password lock, etc.

    -1- I have the display to turn off after 10 minutes of none use under Power Options, but if I don’t do anything for a few seconds, the display turns off and I have to sign back in…where do I correct this? do I have to reset to default the Power Options, and if so, what are they? -2- In...
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    Office upgrade problem

    I have Win 8.1 OS and have been using MS Office 2003 for the last 18 months 'but,' little quirks are popping up. So I am upgrading to Office 2010... here's my dilemma/question: Can I just install it without doing anything else, or should I uninstall vs. 2003, should I back-up Outlook or...
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    IE vs 11 Task Manager?

    what part don't you understand? the part where task manager won't open a program or task manager keeps popping up when I try to open the program on my desktop without IE being open??????
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    IE vs 11 Task Manager?

    I have been looking for a positive answer to my question: "How do you disable/remove the Down Load Task Managerbox that keeps popping up when I try to open a downloaded file?" I wanted to check out a different browser...I downloaded it andchecked it for virus' and malware and tried to open...