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    Solved Frequent BSOD happening randomly

    I am recently facing frequent BSOD when putting my PC into sleep. Also yesterday, while playing Cities: Skylines for long hours (around 6 hrs i guess) my PC suddenly got the BSOD and I lost all of my progress :( I really appreciate if someone can help me diagnose the attached logs to identify...
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    Continues Errors at startup "Metadata staging failed"

    Since yesterday I have noticed a delay during the welcome circle loading screen after login. Then I checked the event viewer and found out that I get around 15 errors of the same event ID 131 which contains the following details: Log Name: Microsoft-Windows-DeviceSetupManager/AdminSource...
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    BSOD After Wake from Sleep

    I am randomly facing a BSOD when my PC wakes from sleep. This usually happens when Windows goes to sleep automatically and then I try to wake it after a while. However when I put my PC into sleep manually I don't face the issue when it resumes again. I really appreciate if someone can help me...
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    Kernal-EventTracing Error 0xC0000011 on every startup

    I was recently checking the event viewer for errors and I noticed since August 16 I am having a huge pile of errors 90% coming from Kernal-EventTracing, event ID 2. I have tried troubleshooting yesterday for hours but could not find a solution. Even with a clean boot (disabling all non-Microsoft...