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    Accessing W8 Firewall

    Trying to turn off the Firewall to run a test. I can't access the page I need. I've attached 2 screenshots - one of the 'Turn Firewall on/Off' and one for 'advanced Settings' How do I access the Firewall
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    Changing boot sequence - EASY question

    W8, ver 6.3 Trying to set my PC so it boots from CD. To me, it LOOKS like it should boot. I've attached a screenshot showing, I think, boot from CD/DVD first. It doesn't - boots straight to W8. Should it boot from CD first? If not, what did I do wrong?
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    Java memory use

    How this is the proper forum. Running W8.1. My system has been slow for a few months. A little slow on bootup, VERY slow after 2-3 days. For example, after 2-3 days, it takes 2-3 minutes for Word to open. 4 minutes for an email to fully open. Pushing the Windows button can take 3-5...
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    Slow windows - and I've tried about everything

    Windows 8.1 ver 6.2 I've read proposed solutions here and on the web. No luck. Here is what I know. After reboot, W8 runs pretty well. As the days go on, it gets exceedingly slow. (NOTE: all time given were actually timed) Browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome) can take 5-6 minutes to complete an...
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    Accumulating problems on W8

    I'm guessing this is a "performance" problem, but, before I start, FWIW, uninstalled Avast 2-3 weeks ago, Initially, my problem became slow refresh on Windows Internet Explorer, Firefox, and EM Client. Browser pages would take 3-5 minutes to re-display. EM Client would take 1-2 minutes to...
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    Apps losing focus

    First, two apologies. 1) I couldn't find a forum that looked relevant to my problem so this may be mis-posted. 2) I don't know the Windows lingo, so this may be more difficult than it should be. The last 3-4 days, my apps are losing focus. May not be the right word - let me explain. If I'm...
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    W8 reinstall

    Hope this is an "Installation and Setup" question. I've searched here and Google but can't find an answer I can understand. (Not computer literate.) I have removed and reinstalled W8 from my PC. In the original installation, W8 booted automatically to the desktop. Now it boots up to a...
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    Different devices for different sounds

    Is it possible, in W8, to assign different sounds to different sounds to different devices? I'd like to have music go through stereo speakers and system sounds go through the PC speakers.
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    Solved Streaming music to receiver thru bluetooth

    I've searched here and Google but haven't found the answer. I bought a bluetooth audio receiver to stream music to my stereo receiver and speakers. The device connected to the computer (Windows 8.1) perfectly. Appears as connected to the computer. But music played on the PC doesn't get to...
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    A2DP drivers

    This should be easy but I've spent a couple of hours and can't find the answers. How can I tell if my Windows 8 PC has the A2DP drivers installed? If not, where do I find them? I've followed 20-25 links (literally, in the archaic sense) but none seemed to take me to a page where I could DL the...
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    Custom colors

    I searched here but can't find the answer. Windows 8.1 I have a number of colors that don't display as they should. Desktop - I have a solid color desktop and custom colors for active/inactive windows titles and visited/unvisited links. Custom colors for active/inactive don't work. IE 11 - I...
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    reminder app - SMS-capable

    Hope this is the proper forum. I'm looking for an app that will allow me to schedule alarms/reminders but I also want it to be able to send SMS on schedule. Additionally, I'd like it to have the capability to schedule repeat reminders (e.g., every 3rd Wed at 9A). I've had such an app for yeears...
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    Desktop custom color

    Hope this is the proper forum. I have customized my desktop color. Works very well . . . almost. Two problems. A couple of times a day, when I minimize all apps, the desktop is white. I right-click, Perssonalize, select "Desktop Background under Saved Themes, and get my color back. Every...
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    No sound from speakers

    Latest version of W8 This will take a while A few months ago W8 quit producing sound through my speakers - overnight. I've tried a number of things I'll list here. Volume Control - red 'x' in bottom right corner. AMD HDMI OUTPUT and HEADPHONES are checked. Troubleshooting Speakers/headphones...
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    Lost audio

    Tried a search here but found nothing. No idea if this is sw or hw. My audio has worked well since buying my PC (months). Audio on YouTube worked. Audio on MP3s worked. A few weeks ago I lost all audio. The speaker ivon in the task tray has an 'x' over it. When I swlwxct "troubleshoot,' I...
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    Reinstall, reset, of something else

    Windows 8 Home I'm having increasing problems with hints all? of them trace back to W8. Be patient while a make a short list. Browsers - IE 10, FF 23, Chrome, which I uninstalled - neither of them display pictures, buttons, link correctly in a number of web pages. For buttons like CONTINUE and...
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    Missing or misplaced imagess/buttons

    I have no idea where this actually belongs - maybe IE10 - but since some problems seem to show up in various apps, I'm trying here. First, in IE10. In a number of web pages (e.g., accuweather), a number of images are missing. Weather for a particular day used to have a background picture - now...
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    modem error

    I honestly don't know if this is a driver problem or not but I can find nowhere else to post this. Have a USB modem - latest driver. CID-capable. Problem is, CID info displays rarely - 1-2 calls a week. For all other calls, all I get is 'unknown name, unknown number.' My landline shows CID...
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    Taskbar Toolbar

    If my lingo is right, this question concerns the toolbar on the Taskbar. Right-click on the Taskbar, Toolbars, New Toolbar. At that point, I get "C:\Users\Barak\Documents\Programs\Programs refers to a location that is unavailable . . . " Explorer also opens to...
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    user Login password

    Hope this is the proper forum. I'm having a few problems (symptoms) of a login in problem. The good news - I no longer need a password when W8 'wakes up.' But I still need a password (PIN) on startup. That I want to eliminate. But that's not all. I've found 3 different ways to remove the...