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    unable windows upade error code: 80240438

    Hi All Happy New Year Does anyone know what the error 80240438? Few days ago I had this problem. Thanks
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    Solved How to put songs log on to Windows 8.1 ?

    Hi All How can the arrival of Windows 8.1 that song ? ( Like the login screen of Windows 7 for Windows is the other song ) thank you.
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    Avast pro 2014 notebook is causing the slowdown.

    Hi Avast AntiVirus Pro version 9 is greatly reduced speed. For example, right click on the desktop, it takes about 5 to 8 seconds, and click on each app takes up a lot of time the program is run. Avast settings for tweaking can anyone help me? avast pro 2014 (9.0.1501) Thanks.
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    Solved Bluetooth does not work in Windows 8.1

    Hi All Windows8.1 do not recognize any bluetooth., But Windows 8 will be easily identified. Install bluetooth driver in Windows 8.1, but I do not know why I can not be activated. Model: Asus k53sd
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    Solved How to create an account in Microsoft's Outlook 2013?

    Hi I don't understant that what should I write int to blanks? The next step for any error in writing the vacancy is wrong ? Please look below image; Thank you.
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    The disc image file is corrupted

    Hi I had a 20 GB image file . Weeks before the partitions with the appropriate drive software acronis all files have been deleted . Therefore Ontrack.EasyRecovery.Professional. recovery software to recover files but when I run the ISO file with the following error is encounteredlogin ...
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    Solved How To Fix POOL-LOOP-CALLER(in windows 8)?

    How To Fix BAD-POOL-CALLER(in windows 8)? Hi I have a Lenovo laptop., When the desktop is visible. Then refresh the desktop error BAD-POOL -CALLER. Read my posts related to this problem., But my problem is still unsolved. How to solve this error? Whether it is possible to use a vpn and...
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    How To Update Bios By usb(Create an MS-DOS startup disk)

    Hi when startup pc (black screen) massage displayed" Please insert correct disk" massage exact forgot. next a few second this is massage displayed:"Please floppy disk insert to drive A" again massage exact forgot. Will be updated via USB BIOS . What should I do to prepare a USB? thank's.
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    Solved CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded

    Hi What does this error mean ?"CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded" Can anyone help why this error occurs? I 've removed the battery on the motherboard and it worked well . , But again there was the same error. F 1 and F 2 keys do not work. thank you
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    Solved How to Backup Windows 8.1?

    Hi All How to Backup Windows 8.1 ? I can not find the option to repair disc and system image . Thank you.
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    Solved Repeat the first step is to install Windows 8 using USB

    Hi Friends I Windows 7 USB DVDwith Windows 8 ISO fileto my USB transfer . Then put the boot in BIOS on my USB .. After reset, the system was confronted with the image permanently installed Now restart again after the first encounter with the previous picture back to the original setup...
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    Solved requested registry access is not allowed؟؟؟؟؟

    Error when running Debug the Visual Studio 2010 IDE Hi Friends My Visual Studio 2010 IDE to run when I am faced with this error ."requested registry access is not allowed" Please help. tank you
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    How to use Internet Explorer 8 or 9 in Windows 8 ?

    hi Can be used with Internet Explorer 9 or 8 in Windows 8 ? Details below : I 'd sign off Internet Explorer 10 . Cholera Mark approval system was rebooted . Now after installing Internet Explorer 9 or 8 gives the following error: Internet Explorer 9 already installed on the computer . tank's.
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    Solved How can I turn it into a metro tile?

    I've unistall the email app, How can I turn it into a metro tile?:o
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    CPU Usage 100%

    Hi Friend on 100% CPU system to a stand. Resulting in a sharp decrease in system speed. please help. Thank's.:o