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    Windows 8.1 1366x768 Start Menu

    Hi, I just recently installed windows 8.1 and I was wondering if i can increase the row of my start menu apps? It's currently 4 rows. and I wanted it to be 5? Is there any guide out there? though I tried some but didn't work. So I make this thread.
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    Windows 8.1 Good Applications?

    Hey, So I just upgraded my windows 8 into windows 8.1. and I would like to ask what applications should I use? like for security purposes, utility and entertainment?<br><br>So, I just installed CCleaner and Usb disk security? is that alright? and thinking of installing malwarebytes? is it a good...
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    Which is better?

    Windows 8 Pro x64 or Windows 8.1 Pro x64? I used Win 8 Pro x64 bit before. and It was very awesome. and now, I still use win 8.1.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    Hi, could I download windows 8.1 pro x64 here? I do have the preview. And I want to go pro? and does the windows 8 key could be use on 8.1? I do have my installation win 8 dvd and serial key.
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    Hi, I was planning.

    To increase my Memory, Because I used to multitask everytime, I'm an newbie and I don't know how. My machine is Model No - HP Pavilion g4-1200tu System features Operating system - Genuine Windows 7 Home Basic 64 Processors - Intel Core i3-2330M * 2.2 GHz Chipset - Intel HM65 Express Memory...
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    Hi, Windows 8 x64/86 iso file separation

    Hi, I would like to Clean Install another machine of mine. I recently download another .Iso file of Windows 8 x64/x86, I can't probably boot it. Because, I only got 4 gigabytes of USB. So, my question is.. How can I separate the x64 and x86. :) So I can boot it today. Thanks! :3
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    Hi, Help again.

    I don't use any AV. Which is IDK if better. I only use Windows Defender. I'm on Windows 8 Professional x64, Can you guys suggest what is better. My choice at this moment is kapersky. Could you say i would need an AV or stick up to Windows defender.
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    Optimizer please?

    Help me choose my optimizer. at this moment, I only got CCleaner. Is their any more that i would need? On my old machine i used Tune up utilites 2013/2012 well, At the moment. I think i dont need it? So can you give me a hand. I would pay for it of course.
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    Hi, Is this possible?

    Hi, i was thinking to make an installer of my MC office 2013 Pro Plus Final. Because it was already updated up to now. and I wouldn't like to re update it again to my other machine. So is there any possibilities? I wanted an clean install though.