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    Windows Action Center weird behavior

    Hello, There is a weird issue with the flag symbol of the Action Center at the notification area: The flag has a red X on it, and it says : "Solve PC issues: 2 important messages", when I click on it I see these 2 messages: -Spyware and unwanted software protection (important) -Turn on virus...
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    My laptop's DVD drive cover broke!

    Hello! My laptop DVD drive plastic cover broke at one end, and it's not just plastic, because the open button and the LED are connected to this piece of plastic, so I'm afraid it would completely break. What glue do you suggest me to use so it will look good cosmetically? A glue that might not...
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    What's my RAM type? Without opening the case

    Hello, I wanted to know how can I find out my RAM type without opening the case. I looked at Intel ARK website and looked at my CPU (i5 4210M) and it says that it supports DDR3L, but when I go to my laptop's manufacturer website it says DDR3. What's the real one? *I also downloaded Crucial...
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    Can't delete some PDF files-file opened in another program

    Hello, I have a problem with deleting some PDF files (not all) - when I try to delete them, I get the following message: "The action can't be completed because the file is open in another program". I dont see anywhere that the file is really opened in another program. what's causing this...
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    Printer icon in notification area diasppeared

    Hello, The printer icon in notification area (while printing something) has disappeared, so I can't open the printer box where you can see what's currently being printer, what's next to be printed etc. I tried to search for it but I haven't found out how to bring it back :D Thanks
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    Can you install windows using the Laptop's SD card reader?

    Hello, Can I create a Windows installation image and put it on an SD card and then using the laptop's built in SD card reader to install Windows from there if ever needed? Thanks :D
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    Question about creating a bootable USB flash drive

    Hello, I wanted to create a bootable USB flash drive, and I saw that some flash drive aren't bootbale, like the one that I have, a SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0. (I saw in the reviews on Amazon so I didn't even try). Is there a list of bootable flash drives I can use to create an installation media...
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    Audio stops when plugging earphones / speakers to 3.5mm

    Hello, I have a Lenovo G510, and many times (most of the times) when I plug earphones or speakers to the 3.5mm jack, the audio stops, and a red X appears on the Speakers icon in the notification area, and I have to press Solve problem and then it detects that the speakers stopped working (I...
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    Program not on the uninstall list

    Hello, I just installed a program which I thought is what I needed, but it turned out to be useless, and not only that, it actually seems to be a trojan horse or some kind, because I can not find it in the uninstall list on control panel. I've also downloaded Revo Uninstaller, but that did not...
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    How to change the "Last Modified" date?

    Hello, Is there a way to change the "Date Modified" when viewing a folder in "Details"? Thanks
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    Laptop fan sound

    Hello, I bought a laptop 2 weeks ago and the fan was really silent until now (I always thought it is not running), and today I started hearing it, it is not running at full speed like when playing a game or using a demanding software, however it is quite loud and the buzz is really annoying...
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    Problem with default Media Player from Browser

    Hello, There's a website that has a list of videos I need to watch, which is supposed to stream the videos to Windows Media Player, but I accidentally chose "Google Chrome" to open the videos, and now everytime I click "Play Video" it opens a blank Google Chrome page. Is there a way to make the...
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    Google Chrome very bad performance on Windows 8.1?

    Hello, Am I the only one suffering from a very laggy Google Chrome? I have a new Windows 8.1 laptop and Chrome is very laggy, every time I type a sentence to search at the search bar, it shows the first 1-2 letters of the sentence, and then the whole PC gets stuck for a few seconds before the...
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    Laptop screen too glossy - What would you do?

    Hello, I just bought my new laptop and noticed it's really hard to work on it. I don't know if it's because the brand is just bad and makes aweful LCDs (It's a Lenovo laptop), or that's how glossy screens look like on every other laptop. It's just too shiny and it really hurts the eyes! (Is it...
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    Solved Can't delete old user name's folder

    Hello, I wanted to change the initial user name I created so I followed the instruction from the tutorials here. I also made my name account as an Administrator. Now I went to C:\Users\<old_username> and tried to delete but I get this message: "you require permission from administrators to...
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    Lenovo laptop (IdeaPad) camera software?

    Hi, From all the laptops I've used so far, I've seen a built-in camera software and not the Windows 8.1 camera software. I'm talking about software that can run on the desktop and record and take snapshots. (not full screen like the Windows 8.1 software) I've seen a software on an HP laptop...
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    New laptop with preinstalled AntiVirus-should I remove it?

    Hello, I just bought a Lenovo IdeaPad and saw it came with presinstalled "McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security". Is it really an Anti Virus? because it mentions more things about data theft rather than being an Anti Virus. Should I maybe remove it and install Avast, which I've been using since I...
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    How to activate my laptop's GPU?

    Hello, I bought a Laptop with AMD Radeon R5 230m, but it looks like the laptop uses the intel HD 4600 instead. How do I know which GPU currently works? And can I make the Radeon work always instead of the 4600? Btw, how can I check my GPU specs? Because I did try with CPU-Z and powercfg.cpl...
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    How to create new folder in "File Explorer"?

    Hello, I just got a new Windows 8.1 laptop, and went to File Explorer, and I see there 6 folders (desktop, downloads, music, documents, pictures, videos). under that I see my drive letters (C: and E:) and under that the network locations. I try to create new folder at the area of the 6...
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    New laptop - no COA sticker / Installation CD

    New laptop - no COA sticker / Installation DVD I got a new (well, refurbished) HP laptop (with Windows 8 64 bit) , and it came without the COA sticker with the activation number, and since it is OEM, without DVD. Is it normal not to have the sticker? Also, is there a tutorial on how to create...