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  1. Hopalong X

    Solved sevenforums down???

    Is sevenforums down or is it just me? I'm getting nothing as when the server died a while back. Of course it just went to working.
  2. Hopalong X

    Solved Running Win8 on an SSD

    Brink Running Win8 on an SSD. I found "Optimize" or Disk Defrag and unchecked the Scheduled weekly Optimize. It shows Admin badge on the button. It now shows "Turn On" so it is off. Anything else or is that all that is needed to turn off defrag. Thanks in advance. Mike
  3. Hopalong X

    No drivers needed????

    Hello to all my sevenforum mates. I just installed Win8 CP on my Intel320 SSD. Interesting OS so far. I have not installed any drivers and everything is working perfect- so far. :confused: Strange. I'm not sure where I would install them or where to check. Where the heck is the Start menu...