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  1. Britton30

    Indian Hacker Claims to Created Windows Phone 8 Malware

    MoreYoung Indian Hacker Claims to Have Created Windows Phone 8 Malware - Softpedia
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    Solved Where Metro came from.

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    Solved Concept animation
  4. Britton30

    Solved Can't install Defender Update

    I have this: Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 as an imprtant update but has failed to install 7 times on build 7989. Does anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?:confused:
  5. Britton30

    Solved 7955 Time Bomb

    My build 7955 has failed activation today. I reckon it's the time bomb. I tried running a MSE scan and after 2 minutes it had scanned 12 items. All new red pill feature are gone too. Never mind, running 7989 now.
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    Solved Update Restart

    I don't know if this has been posted yet. There is an option to restart after updates.
  7. Britton30

    Solved Autoplay

    Hi all, below are snips of autoplay in 7 and 8. At the top of the one from 8 it shows "Storage devices", not so in the one from 7. Is this new in 8 or is my 7 corrupted? I had the same flash drive connected for both shots.