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    sysprep with CopyProfile=True

    As I will soon be deploying my first (official) Windows 8.1 soon, I'd really like to be able to sysprep it so the users get a standard profile. The last time I tried, which was some time back, I kept getting failures, as mentioned in a thread I posted at the time...
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    Solved Windows 8.1 eval ISO problems / activation problems

    I first downloaded the Windows 8.1 Eval ISO last week when it was introduced. I have since downloaded it several times, both with and without the downloader, on more than one computer. The ISO won't mount. The error just says "sorry, the file won't mount". A couple of times the filename...
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    Solved DaRT won't install

    I have tried, on two separate installs of 8 Enterprise, to install DaRT with no success. Both installs tell me that the ADK has to be installed, which it is in both cases, and refuses to install, unless I want to leave out the Recovery Image, which I don't want to do. Allowing the installer to...
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    sysprep in Windows 8.1

    Background; I've been running sysprep on Windows 7 machines for some time. My custom unattend file created for Windows 7 worked with Windows 8 and I never had a problem sysprepping it. Enter Windows 8.1; When the "old" unattend file didn't work, I gave it little thought and downloaded the...
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    Solved WARNING: Purchasing problems bigger than they seem

    Wanted to post this as a warning to those attempting to purchase the online upgrade; This past Saturday I attempted to purchase the upgrade online, going through all the steps. At the point where I click the buy button it dwells for a few seconds and tells me my payment information is...