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    Exclusive UEFI Ideapad flex 10 windows 8 re installation.

    Friends this flex 10 bios setup does not have legacy option, Its hard disk is dead so new one is ready to replace but bootable usb is not detecting. How do we reinstall windows in this type of bios setup laptop which does not have legacy option and cd drive?
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    No display, bios error code d1d1

    This is winbond bios chip and the error code d1d1. What is d1d1 means and what should i check for solution? Please help
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    Solved Laptop windows browsers do not load facebook images

    Laptop windows is not loading facebook images Hello friends all browsers(IE and Firefox..) of my laptop cannot load facebook images of any account. Youwave browsers in my pc and other pc are loading images normally from the same vodafone wifi connectiom. Flash player is updated, I have check...
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    Not found ASUS X553M cmos battery

    ASUS X553M laptop boot to bios setup automatically even without keyboard. I tried to replace cmos battery but I cannot locate CMOS battery inside its motherboard. Please help friends
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    WIndows display setting reset after reboot

    When installing vga driver(intel hd graphic) it adjust itself and settled with the best result display but after reboot all the smooth hd settings were gone and i have to reset manually after every boot. There is something wrong with this desktop. I have reinstalled the driver but in vain...
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    Win 10 cannot instal because disk have mbr partition table

    I tried to install windows 10 using usb bootable but i got notification"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. the selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI system, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks". I do not have installation CD and I do not want to delete all the...
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    Solved Lenovo g50 no sound both speakers and earphone

    Lenovo G50 sound lost suddenly. Both build in speakers also ear phones are not working. There is no exclamation mark with the sound device in device manager. And i tried to update driver from device manager but said I am having the latest driver. I disabled sound driver and enabled but still not...
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    Build in administrator's user account creation problems

    I found a laptop with only windows 10 build in administrator account, when it create new administrative account it takes 15-20 minutes and this new account start button is not work, personalization and display settings of desktop right click context menu are not working. Please help. Thank you
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    Desktop right click personalization problem

    Having desktop right click context menu personalization and display settings problems. How do we edit desktop right click context menu. Please help
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    Motherboard SA1 charger chip cannot locate

    Gateway laptop SA1 motherboard got shorted. Refering to SA1 schematics the charger chip is PU7, I can find PU6, PU8 and others but can't find PU7. If someone familiar with this motherboard please help me. Front and back side photo(hd) is uploaded below-
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    Asus laptop bios lock

    Asus laptop bios locked My friend's Asus f450 series laptop got locked by bios accidentaly now can not enter windows. Disassembling laptop is not easy so friends is there any possibility to reset bios without opening it? Please help
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    Modify windows photoviewer icon appearing in taskbar

    I tried to replace windows photoviewer icon(on the taskbar when opening picture) to suit my taskbar color. I found photoviewer.dll in four locations and successfully replaced all its icons and modified with the help of Resource tuner and Greenfish icon editor but i got dll error message. Please help
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    Solved Only default user name is appearing in login screen

    Windows 10 Single language login screen display only one user which is default login user others missing. And when pressing switch user in ctrl+alt+del it directly login to default user. What cause this problem and how do we solve this? I have two users account 1.ABC and 2.Admin. Both of these...
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    Windows media player display media changing and can't play

    windows 10 media player can not play some other files.wma. There displaying "media changing" and diverting to a website. I have lots of these audio format which are favorites and its dificult to trace all websites and download again. Please help
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    win 10 text message "The password is incorrect" location

    Where can we locate the windows 10 administrator login text message " The password is incorrect"? I have tried authui.dll.mui and wininit.dll.mui but cannot find. please help
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    to skip bios confirmation to press f1

    There's one empty usb connecter I mean without usb cable. This make bios confirmation request to press f1/f2 to contenue/setup all the time at startup. Can I skip this to boot straight to windows. This bios is America megatrends. Please help friends.
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    Solved windows 8 corrupted. how to enter save mode and bios

    Lenovo g500 windows 8 cannot start. only lenovo logo is displaying. I have tried f8 and shift+f8 to enter save mode, reseated ram and battery, f1, f2, and del to access bios to change boot option but failed. please help
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    windows8 cannot boot and bios cannot access

    If windows8 cannot boot how do we access bios? Laptop g500 windows8 displaying lenovo logo but cannot boot windows. How can we access bios setup? please help
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    Activated Window 8 SL become unactivated windows 8 pro

    I tried to upgrade windows 8 single language features with a recommended serial number found on a website but it turns into unactivated windows 8 professional with Media center. Now I want to revert it to genuine windows 8 single language. Please help.
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    winxp, win7 and win8 shell32.dll.mui dfferences

    winxp, win7 and win8 shell32.dll dfferences What are the differences of shell32.dlls of windows xp, windows7 and windows8 . Are they interchangeable?