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  1. DanRex

    Undo ipconfig /release

    How do I 'undo' the "ipconfig /release" command in the CMD. I can't use my internet on my computer after doing that. I've tried "ipconfig /renew" but I get this message. "No operation can be performed on Local Area Connection* 11 while it has its media disconnected. No operation can be...
  2. DanRex

    Solved How do I shut down Windows 8...?

    Uh, well, now I'm trying to shut down my computer, but can't find out how after installing Windows 8? Can anyone tell me? Thanks!
  3. DanRex

    Solved Dual boot - Windows 8 Pro and Windows 7

    Hello everyone! As you guys know Windows 8 was released today, and I'm really considering to buy it now when it's just 29.99€ (in Finland...)! But my question is, if I buy Windows 8, can I create a dual boot with Windows 7 (keep my W7 I'm currently running)? Or will the install ignore W7 and...
  4. DanRex

    Can't install W8 - Something about GPT harddisk....

    Yeah... So I'm trying to install W8 dual boot with W7, and when in the setup file (following this guide; step 6D, the installation: ) - after entering the serial and agreeing with the terms - When...